Associated gas treatment system at GTU-CHPP of the Usinsk field – 5 years of reliable fuel supply for turbines

9 July 2021

LUKOIL-Komi LLC's own power supply complex has an electrical capacity of 100 MW and a thermal capacity of 152.1 Gcal / h. It was created based on GTU-CHPP consisting of five power units, each of which includes a GTE-25PA gas turbine unit and a waste-heat boiler. The main and reserve fuel is associated petroleum gas.

Generation takes place on 4+1 scheme (4 power units in operation, one in standby) that guarantees reliable and uninterrupted supply to infrastructure and production facilities. The possibilities of the Usa power supply complex ensure the rational utilization of APG, the growth of hydrocarbon production and the energy independence of the Usinsk field and the fields of the Denisovskiy license area.

The pre-set design parameters of fuel for the GTU-CHPP are provided by the ENERGAS multifunctional system – associated gas treatment station (AGTS) and booster compressor station (BCS).

AGTS carries out separation and filtering of common APG flow, heating and pressure reduction of gas for the boiler house of the power supply complex, as well as the measurement of the volume of fuel, separately reaching to GTUs and boiler house.

The process unit is located at an open site (inside easy-to-assemble enclosure); it is equipped with necessary engineering systems. Operation mode is automatic. The throughput of AGTS is 24,059 m3 / h. After preliminary treatment, the gas intended for the power units is directed to the BCS, which compresses it and feeds to the turbines under a pressure of 4.5…5 MPa.

BCS consists of three compressor units, made based on screw oil-filled compressors. The maximum capacity of each CU amounts to 21,447 kg / h, which corresponds to the total rated fuel consumption of all 4 running turbines. The actual productivity depends on the dynamics of changes in the load of the conjugated GTUs, and is controlled in the range from 0 to 100%. For this purpose, a special two-tier regulation system is applied.

CUs are placed in separate block-modules of arctic type equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation and lighting) and safety (fire detection, gas detection, alarm and fire fighting). The units are additionally equipped with gas dew point analyzers for water and hydrocarbons with sampling devices.

The feature of this project is the high content of liquid fractions in the source APG. The required fuel values for humidity are achieved in several stages. At first, the associated gas enters the AGTS separator-slugcatcher, where the primary separation is underway, and the peak liquid blowouts are neutralized. Then gas passes through coalescing filters of AGTS and filters-scrubbers of BCS.

At the final stage, the method of recuperative heat exchange is used – each compressor unit is equipped with a gas drying module operating in temperature recovery mode. For this purpose, a chiller and a heater are integrated into the delivery line, which form an interim circuit and successively cool the gas, separate and remove the condensate, and heat the gas. The fuel dried in this way is fed to the turbines with a temperature of 20°C above the dew point.

The ENERGAS multifunctional gas treatment system began its work few months before the launch of the power plant. This allowed LUKOIL's power engineers to conduct a full range of tests of the generating equipment and put the GTU-CHPP into operation in a timely manner (November 2016).


In 2020, ServicENERGAS LLC (part of the ENERGAS Group) and LUKOIL-Komi LLC extended a long-term agreement, under which service engineers perform comprehensive maintenance of gas treatment and gas supply systems for the GTU-CHPP operating at the Usinsk oil and Yarega oil and titanium fields.

Under this contract, for the high-quality planned and prompt fulfillment of obligations, a special separate subdivision Ukhta has been created in the structure of ServicENERGAS. Its specialists are located continuously at the sites of power supply complexes and ensure the uninterrupted operation of process units.

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