APG treatment system at the Rechitsa oil field of Belorusneft: 30 thousand hours of reliably operation

5 September 2020

Since March 2013, the treatment system for associated petroleum gas of low pressure has been operating at the oil field of oil and gas production department Rechitsaneft (RUE PO Belorusneft). This project was carried out by the Russian company ENERGAS and it has completed the Republican program of APG recovery.

System was designed and manufactured in compliance with the high requirements for the quality of this type of equipment as well as in accordance with the norms and standards applicable in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

In the base of system there is a booster compressor station consisting of two units. BCS compresses low-pressure associated gas from 0.1 to 0.6 MPa, followed by submission of APG in the pipeline for transportation to the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant (GPP).

Compressor units (CU) are made on the basis of oil-filled screw compressors. The rated capacity of the each CU is 6,000 m3 / h; gas flow is controlled by a special two-level regulation system. CUs operate in an automatic mode. Local ACSs are integrated with the upper level of APCS of facility.

There are several main issues that make low-pressure APG compression process complicated: need for additional associated gas purification; risk of condensate dropout inside the gas system; negative impact of very low inlet pressure close to the vacuum; changes of the gas composition; severe operating conditions.

Therefore, this technological task is solved by special projects – on the basis of a set of consistent engineering solutions.

In particular, the gas final purification at the compressor inlet is performed by a highly efficient two-stage filter-scrubber (with a system of automatic drainage) integrated in the process unit's block-module.

At the design stage, there were carried out a detailed analysis of the gas composition and calculations in special software that creates a theoretical model of the behavior of a gas under certain conditions (temperature and pressure). This made it possible to determine the optimal parameters of operating temperature of oil and gas, which allow compression processes runs out of the condensation zone.

In unit's oil system are used special lubricants with higher viscosity and high resistance to saturation from the heavy hydrocarbons.

Suction line is equipped with quick-acting valves with electric actuators and spring failsafe closing devices, that allows to cut off the compressor unit gas circuit from the gas inlet pipeline.

Special project requirements of the customer also provide limitation of APG temperature in outlet – not more than 40°C. In order to achieve a stable temperature mode, in the structure of gas treatment system there was included a chiller (refrigerating unit). This equipment provides an additional associated gas cooling required to transporting it to the GPP.

In the course of operation, according to the agreed schedule, there is performed a comprehensive maintenance of the system. After a trouble-free run time of more than 30 thousand hours experts of ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group) have carried out regular scheduled works.

Service activities were implemented with sequential switching off of compressor units, what provided a non-stop operation of the whole gas treatment complex. Maintenance results have been reflected in the technical report on performed works.


Rechitsa oil field is located in Rechitsa district of Gomel Region; it is in the industrial development since 1967. Belarusian Gas Processing Plant specializes in the processing of associated petroleum gas and imported raw materials (broad fraction of light hydrocarbons). GPP produces liquefied gases, stable gas naphtha, hydrocarbon propellant, tail gas.

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