The ENERGAS gas treatment system for the power supply complex "Usa" is ready for operation

7 June 2016

At the Usinsk oil field, the construction of auxiliaries power supply complex of LLC LUKOIL-Komi based on GTU-CHPP is being completed. The project is implemented with the aim of developing production activities at Denisovskiy license area (Bayandyn and Eastern-Lambeyshor fields).

Installed electric capacity of GTU-CHPP is 100 MW (rated – 125 MW), thermal capacity is 152.1 Gcal / h. Generating equipment comprises five power generating unit GTPP-25PA manufactured by the JSC UEC-Aviadvigatel each of which is based on a gas turbine unit GTE-25PA with capacity of 25 MW. Generation of electric power will be on scheme 4+1 (4 GTU in operation, one in standby) that guarantees reliable supply.

For issuance of the thermal power at the GTU-CHPP there are mounted five waste-heat boilers. Heat supply is carried out similarly to the generating of electricity – on scheme 4+1 with redundancy of one waste-heat boiler.

The main and reserve fuel for power supply complex is associated gas. The required gas parameters on purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate are provided by the ENERGAS multifunctional gas treatment system, which is composed of booster compressor station and associated gas treatment unit.

Associated gas treatment unit (AGTU) manufactured by the LLC BelgorodENERGAS is a processing unit with maximum integration of the components on a single frame. Its main purpose is measurement of gas flow rate and gas filtration. AGTU is equipped with bilinear gas metering station, separator-slugcatcher and filtration module. The degree of gas purification is 100% for liquid fraction and 99.8% for solids of size larger than 10 microns.

Additional functionality – fuel treatment for the boiler for own needs. For this purpose AGTU is equipped with gas heating system and pressure reduction system. Capacity of unit is 2,260…21,684 kg / h (2,430…24,059 m3 / h).

AGTU is located at an open site (inside easy-to-assemble enclosure); it is equipped with all necessary engineering systems. Operation mode is automatic.

After pretreatment, the main gas flow is direct to the booster compressor station (BCS).

BCS compress gas up to operating pressure in the range of 4.5…5 MPa and feed it to the turbines of GTU-CHPP. It consists of three compressor units (CU) of screw type. Each CU has a capacity of 21,447 kg / h (23,794 m3 / h) and it is designed for 100% loading of the total amount of fuel supplied to the power generating units. Gas flow rate is adjusted by means of the two-tier capacity regulation system.

BCS is completely automated. Individual ACS of units are integrated into the group system of automated management and control, which coordinates operation of these CU as a part of the compressor station and connected with the upper level of APCS of power supply complex.

Units are placed in separate block-modules equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation and lighting) and safety systems (fire detection and fire fighting, gas detection). According to customer requirements, at all CUs additionally there are installed gas dehydration systems and dew-point measurement systems with devices for sampling.

Gas treatment system is developed on special project. Inside CU and AGTU there is provided open space for easy and comfortable access to all assemblies and components what allows possibility for year-round quality performing of service activities (maintenance, spare parts and consumables replacement, overhaul, upgrade).

Functional testing of all the elements and systems of CU and AGTU has been conducted in the course of 72-hour comprehensive test run of the facility. There was checked the operation of process, compressor, metering and electrical equipment as well as ACS.

During test run, all the units worked out in a routine mode, flawlessly. Gas treatment unit and booster compressor station are ready for operation.

The phased commissioning of the gas treatment system, including erection supervision, start-up, individual testing, operability check as a part of GTU-CHPP, has been performed by the engineers of LLC ServicENERGAS (companies group ENERGAS).

ENERGAS specialists take part in the construction of another one auxiliaries power supply complex of LLC LUKOIL-Komi – GTU-CHPP with electric capacity of 75 MW at the Yarega oil-and-titanium field.

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