ServicENERGAS created the special subdivision Ukhta to maintenance of gas treatment systems at the power supply complexes of LUKOIL-Komi LLC

15 April 2020

ServicENERGAS LLC and LUKOIL-Komi LLC extended for three years a long-term agreement, under which service engineers perform comprehensive maintenance of gas treatment and gas supply systems for the power supply complex "Usa" (GTU-CHPP at the Usinsk oil field) and power supply complex "Yarega" (GTU-CHPP at the Yarega oil and titanium field).

These multifunctional systems, consisting of 9 process units (two packaged gas treatment units and seven gas compressor stations in the Arctic version), provide the design parameters of fuel gas for purity, humidity, temperature, pressure, and flow.

Для максимально качественного исполнения обязательств по этому контракту в структуре «СервисЭНЕРГАЗа» специально создано обособленное подразделение «Ухта», сотрудники которого постоянно находятся на площадках энергоцентров и обеспечивают бесперебойную работу агрегатов газоподготовки.

To fulfil obligations under this contract as efficiently as possible, a separate subdivision Ukhta has been specially created in the structure of ServicENERGAS. Its employees are located continuously at the sites of power supply complexes and ensure the uninterrupted operation of gas treatment units.

The new format of interaction gives partners important advantages:

- thorough knowledge by service engineers of the features of "own" equipment;
- continuous and direct monitoring under operation of the equipment;
- clear planning for the supply of components and consumables in the required volume;
- prompt response to emergency situations and the ability to anticipate their occurrence;
- "live" working dialogue between specialists at the facilities.

In ServicENERGAS, this approach is considered the most promising, and work in this direction is a priority. The immediate plans include the creation in the company’s structure of special subdivisions, geographically tied to key facilities of the service and technical segment.


GTU-CHPPs at the Usinsk and Yarega fields are facilities of own generating of the PJSC LUKOIL in the Komi Republic. LUKOIL-Energoengineering developed the projects and implemented their using the main equipment of domestic production and innovative technologies at all stages of construction.

The "Usa" power supply complex was put into operation in 2016. Installed electric capacity is 100 MW (rated – 125 MW), thermal capacity is 152.1 Gcal / h. Generating equipment comprises five GTPP-25PA gas-turbine power generating units with waste-heat boilers. The main and reserve fuel for power plant is associated gas.

The "Yarega" power supply complex was built in 2017. The facility includes three GTPP-25PA gas turbine power units with a total installed capacity of 75 MW. For issuance of the thermal power at the GTU-CHPP there are mounted three waste-heat boilers with total steam capacity of 121 t / h. The fuel for turbines is natural gas from Kurino-Patrakovskoye gas condensate field.


ServicENERGAS LLC is part of the ENERGAS Group. In the sphere of competence of enterprise is the solution of a complex of tasks to ensure the guaranteed reliability and efficiency of process equipment supplied by the parent company of the Group.

The principle of professional specialization is the basis of ServicENERGAS activities. In the company there are 4 departments which are acting concertedly: construction and mounting department, start-up department, service department, repair department.

The company's specialists carry out a complete range of works on the commissioning new gas treatment and compression equipment (installation, erection supervision, starting-up and adjustment, testing, training of the operating personnel), as well as serve existing gas treatment units (comprehensive maintenance, technical audit, upgrade, routine repair and overhaul, full reconstruction).

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