ServicENERGAS carried out a technical audit of the gas compressor stations at the GTU-231 of Novokuibyshevsk CHPP-1

29 August 2019

Booster compressor stations (BCSs) are the part of gas treatment system; they perform compression and feeding fuel gas to the GTU turbines under operating pressure of 3.5 MPa. At present, the operating time of BCSs is more than 35,000 hours.

The experts of ServicENERGAS (part of the ENERGAS Group) carried out a technical audit of this equipment. As a result of the inspection there are prepared recommendations on replacement of defective and exhausted assemblies and components, conducting local and overhaul repairs, as well as further operation of BCSs.

ServicENERGAS specializes in commissioning new gas treatment and compression equipment (installation, erection supervision, starting-up and adjustment, testing, training of the operating personnel), as well as servicing existing gas treatment units (comprehensive maintenance, upgrade, local repair, complete reconstruction).

Year to date, engineers have carried out more than 200 visits to perform service activities at various facilities, including remote, hard-to-reach, especially dangerous and technically complex.

REFERENCE. The gas-turbine power generating unit with electric capacity of 231 MW was commissioned at the Novokuibyshevsk CHPP-1 in October 2013. GTU-231, constructed on investment project Kremen of the T Plus Group, became one of the most efficient and technologically advanced facilities of a new generation in the Middle Volga.

Power generating unit was created on basis of three gas turbine units type Frame 6FA (PG6111FA, manufactured by the General Electric) with rated capacity of 80 MW each and three Energomash steam waste-heat boilers. Generating equipment is consistent with increased environmental standards established in the Samara region. It is important to note that GTU reduces the harmful effects by power plant on the environment by almost 30%.

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