ServicENERGAS conducted comprehensive maintenance of gas compressor units at CS No. 4 Western Tebuk

11 December 2019

The gas compressor station (CS) No. 4 Western Tebuk of the Ukhta Gas Processing Plant (LLC LUKOIL-Komi) treats and compresses associated petroleum gas from the Pashninskoye, Savinoborskoye and N.Odesovskoye fields.

After low-temperature separation and purification from hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans, compressed APG is pumped into a 64 km transport pipeline to Sosnogorsk where it is used as fuel for the turbines of the Sosnogorskaya CHPP. The CS uses about 100 thousand cubic meters of gas per day.

The basis of the CS is three compressor units (CU) of screw type. Each CU is fully automated and housed in separate block-module equipped with life support systems and safety systems. Gas flow rate of CU is adjusted by means of the two-tier capacity regulation system.

At the moment of comprehensive maintenance, the operating time of units has ranged from 25 to 35 thousand hours. The following service activities were performed:

- Replacement of consumables (gas and oil filters, oil in the bearings of the motors);
- Check the alignment of rotating units (compressors and motors);
- Gaps measure and checking the status of the internal components of the compressors;
- Adjustment and calibration of position sensors and positioning of valves and hydraulic controllers;
- Functional tests of the oil system and cooling system of the compressor units;
- Verification of operational parameters of the CU and their adjustment;
- Troubleshooting, drafting recommendations on components replacement.

Maintenance works in compliance with the schedule coordinated with the customer (every 4,000 machine hours) are carried out by the LLC ServicENERGAS engineers. In addition, ServicENERGAS supplies a complete set of consumables.

The regular routine maintenance is conducted here according to the long-term contract signed within frameworks of a Program on the provision of long-term maintenance services. This Program is being actively expanded by ENERGAS Companies Group.

REFERENCE. CS Western Tebuk is located in village of Nizhniy Odes (Komi Republic). It has been commissioned at the end of 2013. It became the third in the list of similar stations constructed by Lukoil within the framework of the Program on the rational use of APG of the fields in the southern part of Timan-Pechora.

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