ServicENERGAS has carried out an overhaul of the fuel gas BCU for the Sibai GTPP

22 June 2015

Since 2011, as a part of the Zauralskaya CHPP (Sibai, Republic of Bashkortostan) there is a separate facility – gas turbine power plant GTPP Sibai, created on the base of gas turbine unit of type GTE-16PA manufactured by Aviadvigatel OJSC and water-heating waste-heat boiler. Installed electrical capacity of the GTPP is 16 MW.

Construction of GTPP was implemented within frame of Zauralskaya CHPP enlargement. Here it is also operating a new boiler department with two boilers with a total thermal capacity of 68.8 Gcal / h. The project implementation increased the total heat potential of CHPP and increased life and reliability of the power system of the Bashkir Trans-Urals. At this it was possible to achieve a low cost of electricity and heat, ensuring a minimum payback.

The main fuel for GTPP is natural gas. The compression of the fuel gas and its feeding into turbine at the required operating pressure of 3.5 MPa are implemented by the booster compressor unit (BCU), supplied by the company ENERGAS. Capacity of the BCU is 6 thousand m3 / h.

BCU is a packaged aggregate with maximum integration of the equipment on a single frame. Compressor unit of screw type is placed in its own all-weather cover, is equipped with automatic control system, life support systems (heating, ventilation, lighting) and safety systems (fire detection, firefighting, gas detection). Monitoring and control is carried out from the main control board of GTPP.

Since BCU commissioning the operating time was counted more than 27 000 hours. Given the poor quality of the feed fuel gas and operation features, it was decided to hold a local (without dismantling) overhaul of the equipment.

During the overhaul there were implemented:

- Replacement of the main element of BCU – screw oil-filled compressor;
- Start-up works and testing of compressor unit;
- Replacement of consumables (gas and oil filters, oil in the bearings of the motor);
- Check the alignment of rotating units (compressor and motor);
- Adjustment and calibration of position sensors and positioning of valves and hydraulic controllers;
- Functional tests of the oil system and cooling system of the compressor unit;
- Verification of operational parameters and their adjustment.

All the works were performed by engineers of the ServicENERGAS LLC, which is part of companies group ENERGAS.

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