The reconstructed Mogilev CHPP-3 passed 5-year milestone of efficient operation

15 June 2019

In June 2014, in Mogilev, with the commissioning of the second start-up complex, the combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT), built at the site of the district boiler house No. 3 (DBH-3), reached full design capacity. Upon completion of the project, the DBH-3 received the status of a thermal power plant and the name of Mogilev CHPP-3.

The high-efficiency CCGT (overall efficiency is 88%) was integrated into an existing process flow diagram and operates in cogeneration mode. Combined-cycle power generating unit consists of two SGT-300 gas turbine units of Siemens with installed capacity of 7.5 MW of each, steam turbine with capacity of 3.5 MW and two waste-heat boilers with steam capacity of 17.5 ton / h.

In the course of reconstruction of the facility, 10 and 0.4 kV switchgears were mounted with two 1600 kVA transformers.

In addition, video surveillance systems for the state of the main process equipment were additionally installed, which makes it possible to control the equipment not only on mimic panels, but also visually.

Before upgrade, capacity of the DBH-3 was 210 Gcal / h without generating electricity. At present, CHPP produces 10% more heat and generates electricity. Mogilev CHPP-3 provides energy for houses, industrial enterprises, administrative and domestic buildings at the north part of the city.

The reconstruction project of boiler house with the installation of electrical generating equipment was implemented by company Technoserv, the largest system integrator operating in Russia, CIS and Europe. Customer is RUE Mogilevenergo.

The total electric capacity of CCGT is 18.5 MW, thermal – 23.2 MW. The fuel is natural gas.

Compression and fuel supply at the required operating pressure (1.9...2.6 MPa) into the gas turbines of the power generating unit are provided by the booster compressor station consisting of two units of screw type with capacity of 3,000 m3 / h each. Supply and commissioning of the fuel gas BCS were performed by the Russian company ENERGAS. In the course of operation, specialists of LLC ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group) carry out a comprehensive maintenance of the compressor units.

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