It was noted the work of the ENERGAS APG treatment unit as part of the power supply complex of the Barsukovskoye field in Yamal

29 May 2020

At Barsukovskoye field of Rosneft there is operates autonomous power supply complex, which supplies electricity to process and infrastructure sites. Auxiliaries power supply complex consists of 10 gas-reciprocating units (GRU) with a capacity of 1.5 MW each. The design parameters of associated gas (in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow) for the GRU are provided by the fuel gas treatment unit from ENERGAS.

Following the results of the first year of operation, the owner of the power plant, Alliance Generation LLC, noted in a letter of appreciation the professionalism of ENERGAS specialists and accordance of the process unit with the requirements for the quality of equipment operated in the harsh conditions of Yamal.

It was emphasized that ENERGAS has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner at all stages of cooperation – from delivery to the commissioning and service maintenance of gas treatment equipment.

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