BGC LLC will upgrade gas turbine unit operating in the structure of CCGT-60 of the Ufa CHPP-2

22 January 2019

Ufa CHPP-2 (branch of Bashkir Generation Company LLC) of the power system of Bashkortostan was the first power plant, where is applicable combined cycle technology. Since 2011, the combined cycle gas turbine unit - CCGT with installed electrical capacity of 60 MW - has been operating here.

The structure of high-performance power generating unit comprises a SGT-800 gas turbine unit (GTU) produced by Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB and a Russia's first licensed steam waste-heat boiler of two pressures manufactured by EMAlliance. This equipment is associated with the SST-300 steam turbine of Siemens and integrated into the system of thermal power output of CHPP.

BGC LLC plans to hold in 2019-2020 upgrade of gas turbine unit. The goal of the project is to increase the service intervals of the GTU, reduce the costs of the enterprise, and ensure stable, reliable and safe operation of the generating equipment.

In total, the BGK will allocate 9.1 billion rubles for the implementation of the investment program in 2019-2023. Investment projects are aimed at maintaining the reliability and efficiency of power plant equipment. The program includes the upgrade of the main elements of turbine units and boilers, the introduction of energy-saving and efficient technologies, safety measures. The main financial source for these works is the own funds of the power company.

REFERENCE. The Ufa CHPP-2 is the second largest by capacity power plant of Bashkir Generation Company (after Karmanovskaya SDPS) and at the same time it is the most powerful among the its CHPPs. Currently, installed electric capacity of CHPP-2 is 519 MW, thermal capacity is 1,528 Gcal / h. The power plant performs the industrial and heating function; it provides heat for about half of the housing stock of Ufa and the nearby industrial enterprises.

As main fuel for the SGT-800 gas turbine unit operating in the structure of CCGT-60 of the Ufa CHPP-2 it is used natural gas. Compression of the fuel gas and its feeding to the GTU turbine under required working pressure of 3 MPa are implemented by the booster compressor station of the company ENERGAS. Capacity of BCS is 17,000 m3 / h.

BCS is placed in a separate weatherproof shelter with maximum integration of all the subassemblies and components on a single frame and is equipped with life support and safety systems. The compressor station is equipped with automated control and monitoring system with the function of transmitting data to APCS of upper level, as well as with two-level capacity control system.

The BCS is based on a screw oil-filled compressor using a multi-stage gas filtration system, thanks to which the fuel at the outlet meets the highest requirements on purity. The station is equipped with a system to maintain the project gas temperature; it occupies a minimal area due to compact block-modular design.

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