Novokuibyshevsk CHPP-1 celebrated its 70th anniversary

6 October 2021

In 1948, the construction of CHPP-1 began as a workshop of the Novokuibyshevsk Refinery of the USSR Ministry of Oil Industry. Peculiarly, at the time there was no plant yet, that in the future would become the largest one in the Soviet Union, nor was there a city. Back then, only a worker’s settlement was built near the Lipyagi station.

In 1951, by order of the Council of Ministers, Novokuibyshevsk CHPP-1 was placed under the authority of Kuibyshevenergo. NkCHPP-1 became one of the country's thermal power plants, where for the first time in the domestic power engineering, high-pressure equipment for steam parameters of 90 at and 500°C was introduced and mastered.

The first turbo generator was commissioned here on September 21, 1951. The same day became the launch day for the first units of the Refinery. The main capacities of the power plant were formed in the first half of the 50s with the commissioning of 13 boiler units with a total steam productivity of 2,810 t / h and 11 turbo generators with an electric capacity of 275 MW / h.

A milestone in the history of the NkCHPP-1 was October 15, 2013, when a modern gas-turbine power unit Kremen with a capacity of 229.5 MW was put into operation on its production site. This increased the volume and reliability of energy supply to Novokuibyshevsk, boosted the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the power plant, and also solved the problem of energy shortages in the Novokuibyshevsk power hub.

The power unit, constructed on investment project of the T Plus Group, became one of the most efficient and technologically advanced facilities of a new generation in the Middle Volga. Electricity is generated by three PG6111FA gas turbine units manufactured by GE, the rated performance of each GTU is 76.5 MW.

Output of thermal energy is provided by three steam waste-heat boilers of the Belgorod plant Energomash. They use heat from exhausted hot gases (combustion products of fuel in turbines), which significantly increases the overall fuel effectiveness.

The supply for the turbines with fuel gas with the design parameters in terms of purity, temperature (up to +90°C), pressure (3.5 MPa), and flow rate (80,000 m3 / h) is guaranteed by the ENERGAS process system which comprises block-type gas treatment station and gas booster station composed of three compressor units.

Today Novokuibyshevsk CHPP-1 is the main source of electricity and the only source of heat resources for the housing stock, organizations and industrial enterprises of the city. The installed electric and thermal capacity of power plant is 314.5 MW and 204 Gcal / h.

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