New combined cycle gas turbine unit of Novogorkovskaya CHPP has been commissioned on the investment project of IES Holding

22 December 2014

New capacities of Novogorkovskaya CHPP (Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region) started to be created in December 2012 on the investment project "Ruby" of IES Holding. General contractor of CHPP reconstruction is OJSC Power Development Corporation SOYUZ. Designer is Nizhny Novgorod branch of OJSC Institute Teploelektroproekt.

Upgrade of CHPP was implemented by means of construction of the new combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT). Generating equipment is chosen with the expectation of achieving full-time indicators that support operation of the existing heating scheme of CHPP. Work was carried out under the existing station without turning off power supply to consumers.

The structure of the new equipment includes two Alstom gas turbine units with a capacity of 175 MW each and two waste-heat boilers manufactured by Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk with a capacity of 58 Gcal / h each.

Alstom turbine of type GT13E2 is one of the most versatile in its class, having a high efficiency (38%). The engine is started in less than 15 minutes. In addition, it provides high performance at partial load (50%) and has low NOx emissions when operating over a wide range of temperatures. GTU of this type are first installed in Russia.

CCGT with rated electrical capacity of 350 MW (actual – 343.3 MW) is integrated into existing steam power units of Novogorkovskaya CHPP. Such a design provides an efficient combined cycle of the plant operation; it not only increases its power, but also increases the overall efficiency.

During construction of CCGT, experts of PDC SOYUZ held special events to sink of subterranean water, there were also taken operational decisions on laying of the new utilities under construction on new routes due to the impossibility of dismantling the old ones.

For supply of electric power at the station there is mounted gas insulated switchgear (GIS) of 220 kV, new gas-insulated cells on the existing switchgear of 110 kV for transmission lines for power transmission to consumers. For reliable operation of the station there is installed an automated process control system.

Feeding gas lines are being equipped with gas metering unit (GMU), manufactured by the company BelgorodENERGAS (ENERGAS Group), which is designed for measurement the flow rate and calorific capacity of gas incoming for gas turbine units as a part of CCGT-350.

GMU of type GS-M-20000/12 is a process system of maximum prefabrication, including two tie-ins with flow meters, two measuring and computing complexes and two gas chromatographs (calorimeters).

Calorimeters are used to determine gas composition and calculation of a calorific value, a density, a relative density and a Wobbe index. They are placed in the guard block-box equipped with necessary engineering systems (lighting, ventilation, electric heating, gas detection and warning of gas contamination, fire alarm).

REFERENCE. Novogorkovskaya CHPP has been commissioned in 1956. It is the energy center of the Kstovo industrial site and provides needs for electricity, heat and steam of industrial and agricultural enterprises and the population of Nizhny Novgorod region.

CHPP reconstruction allows provide advanced electrical and thermal needs of Kstovo district. After upgrade, the installed electrical capacity of power plant is 557 MW; the thermal capacity is 626 Gcal / h.

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