New GTU-CHPP "Vostochnaya" - there is the stage of start-up works

4 May 2018

In Vladivostok, JSC RAO Energy Systems of the East (RusHydro Group) is completing construction of the Vostochnaya CHPP. The facility is a part of JSC "Far Eastern Generating Company". The general construction contractor is JSC "Energoremont"; the general designer is JSC "Siberian energy scientific and technical center". Commissioning of the power plant is scheduled for Q3 2018.

The Vostochnaya CHPP consists of three power units based on the LM6000 PF Sprint gas turbine units (GTU) manufactured by GE Energy (with capacity of 46.5 MW each) and EMAlliance waste heat boilers. The peak water-heating boiler-house is also built here. Electric power of the new GTU-CHPP is 139.5 MW; thermal power is 421 Gcal / h in hot water and 11 t / h in steam.

Currently, GTUs and waste heat boilers have been installed. The power transformers and the equipment of the 110 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) are mounted. The administrative-household building, the block-modular steam boiler-house and the block of auxiliary shops are erected. The underground communications of the station are laid; the process part of the mazut-handling equipment is being installed.

The tests of the peak water-heating boiler-house were completed. Three boilers underwent integrated testing; the final adjustment of the water treatment unit of boilers is performed.

As main fuel for CHPP will be natural gas. LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Far East" opened gas feeding, which allowed to begin start-up works at boiler and gas turbine equipment.

Also, the adjustment of the gas treatment system (GTS) of ENERGAS is planned, which will ensure the necessary quality of fuel in accordance with the design parameters on purity, temperature, pressure and flow. The main elements of this system are a booster compressor station and a block-type gas treatment unit.

The block-type gas treatment unit (BGTU) manufactured by LLC BelgorodENGERGAS is a multifunctional process unit. The main purpose is flow metering and gas filtration. The rated capacity of BGTU is 40,000 m3 / h.

BGTU is equipped with a gas metering station with flow meters, a highly efficient separation system with coalescing scrubbers, a condensate drainage system with a drainage reservoir. The degree of gas purification from mechanical impurities and droplet moisture (larger than 10 μm) reaches 99.98%. It is possible to quickly replace the filter elements. 

The packaged unit is housed in a separate sound- and heat-insulated module with integration of equipment on a single frame; it will operate in automatic mode; it is equipped with life support and safety systems.

Booster compressor station supplied by the company ENERGAS serves to compress and feed fuel gas to the GTU turbines at working pressure of 4.81 MPa. BCS consists of three compressor units of screw type; the capacity of each CU is 18,000 m3 / h.

In two-stage CUs, gas compression technology is used in two stages, without intermediate cooling. This allows the compressor station to operate stably throughout the entire range of pressure changes at the suction, regardless of the supply line.

Each unit is equipped with a two-level capacity control system (bypass line and spool valve control). Local ACS are combined into a group system of automated control and monitoring, integrated with the upper level of the APCS.

Compressor units are in their own all-weather shelters; are equipped with working and emergency lighting systems, space heating and ventilation, gas detection and fire extinguishing systems, individual oil supply and gas cooling systems.

The gas treatment and gas supply system includes a gas receiver with a volume of 25 cubic meters, manufactured by BelgorodENERGAS and designed to smooth the pressure pulsations in the gas distribution net. When the fuel supply is cut off, the receiver also ensures the smooth shutdown of the gas turbines of the power plant.

A step-by-step commissioning of all GTS equipment (erection supervision, commissioning, individual tests and functional verification during comprehensive CHPP testing) as well as training of the operating personnel of the customer is carried out by specialists of LLC ServicENERGAS (ENERGAS Group).

REFERENCE. GTU-CHPP "Vostochnaya" is the first station built in Vladivostok for the last 45 years. The new facility was created on the site of the obsolete Central Steam-Water Boiler. The need for construction was caused by an increase in electricity consumption in Vladivostok and the need for heat supply, including in connection with the construction of new residential areas. The plant will provide more than 300 thousand consumers with heat and hot water and will cover up to 20% of the city's electricity demand.

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