New gas compressor station for the CCGT of Minsk CHPP-2 has been delivered to the operation site

20 December 2020

The booster compressor station (BCS) was delivered with a high degree of prefabrication (98%) what significantly reduces the duration of the mounting works and pre-start activities.

The commissioning of a new BCS of the screw type, carried out as part of the upgrade of the gas supply scheme for turbines of the CCGT-65 combined cycle gas turbine unit, will increase the capabilities of the existing gas treatment system consisting of three SJCM reciprocating units.

The BCS capacity (16,400 m3 / h) is 100% of the maximum fuel consumption for two SGT-600 gas turbines, which guarantees complete backup of reciprocating compressors. Station will provide stable design gas values in terms of delivery pressure (2.481…2.581 MPa) and temperature (up to +50°C).

Implementation of the project will increase the reliability of CCGT-65 fuel supply and ensure uninterrupted operation of the combined-cycle power generating units at all modes and under any climatic conditions. All the work on commissioning the BCS will be fulfilled by the specialists of ServicENERGAS (part of the ENERGAS Group).

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