At the Verkhnekolik-Egan field, the construction of the gas turbine power plant is being resumed

18 July 2019

The Khanty-Mansi branch of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia reviewed design documentation and engineering survey results for the construction of a gas turbine power plant (GTPP) at the Verkhnekolik-Egan field of PJSC Varieganneftegaz (Rosneft). The re-submitted documentation was made taking into account with adjustments of the previously developed projects. According to the results of the state expertise issued a positive conclusion.

GTPP with installed capacity of 24 MW under construction in Nizhnevartovsk district of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area is designed to provide electric and thermal power for the field’s own needs, as well as other consumers within the industrial area of an oil and gas enterprise. The planned annual output of electricity is over 200 million kWh.

A new project has adopted a number of changes regarding the scope of work, the set of equipment, the configuration of information support systems and automatic control of power plant facilities. In addition, the schedule and duration of construction have been adjusted.

The main equipment of GTPP consists of five Centrax CX501-KB7 gas turbine units with heat recovery systems. GTUs with rated capacity of 5.2 MW each made based on Siemens turbines of type SGT-A05 KB7 (Industrial 501-K). These units have been selected because of their operational versatility and ability to work on gas with variable composition.

At the territory of the GTPP, the gas equipment block and fuel gas compression facility (FGCF) are being constructed to receive associated petroleum gas from the main gas pipeline and its treatment as fuel. FGCF of the company ENERGAS will provide afterpurification, compression and feeding of APG to the turbines under operating pressure of 2.5 MPa. It is placed in a separate building and composed of the compressor module and gas treatment system.

Gas treatment system of FGCF comprises four high-performance coalescing filters-scrubbers. Compressor module consists of four screw compressor units (CU), two of which will operate in a continuous mode, two more – in "hot" standby. Capacity of each CU is 5,000 m3 / h.

CUs are equipped with two-level systems of capacity control and automated control system. Each CU is additionally equipped with viscometer, flow meter for the process metering of gas as well as with system for oxygen detection in gas flow.

FGCF structure also comprises a dew-point measurement system as well as soft-starter of main motors of the compressor units. Planned annual amount of compressed associated gas to supply the fuel to gas turbines of GTPP is about 85 million cubic meters.

REFERENCE. Verkhnekolik-Egan oil and gas condensate field was discovered in 1986; commercial operation started in 1990. The bulk of the current recoverable oil reserves of Varieganneftegaz is concentrated here. The prospective development of one of the northernmost oil production sites in Russia is associated with the development of hard-to-recover reserves, including in the Achimov deposits.

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