At Kursk CHPP of the North-West District, the capacity of combined cycle gas turbine unit has been confirmed

19 March 2021

At the CHPP of the North-West District (NWD CHPP, Quadra PJSC), the actual capacity of the combined cycle gas turbine unit has been determined. During testing, generating equipment of CCGT operated for 8 hours at maximum load. The testing process was inspected by a special commission of representatives of the System Operator of the Unified Energy System and employees of Kursk Branch of Quadra.

The attestation showed that with the installed electrical capacity of 116.9 MW, the actual available capacity of the combined-cycle plant is more than 118 MW.

At present, at NWD CHPP there are operating two steam and six hot-water boilers, as well as CCGT equipment:

- Two LM6000 PD Sprint gas turbine units with capacity of 45 MW each (manufactured by GE);
- Steam turbine unit with capacity of 25 MW (Kaluga turbine plant);
- Two waste-heat boilers (Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk).

CCGT also comprises two booster compressor station. BCSs from the ENERGAS provide fuel gas supply to the turbines with the set design parameters for pressure (4.9 MPa), temperature (up to +60°C) and flow rate (13,000 m3 / h). Modular BCSs of screw-type operate in automatic mode; the control systems are integrated with the APCS upper level of Kursk NWD CHPP.

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