At the CSLS of North-Labatyugan field there are commissioned compressor units of low pressure

28 December 2015

Booster pump station No.3 (BPS-3) of North-Labatyugan field of Surgutneftegas OJSC is equipped with compressor station of low separation stages (CSLS). Designer of the project is SurgutNIPIneft; the construction has been carried out by Department of intrafield extraction and use of petroleum gas.

The basis of CSLS consists of two compressor units (CU) of low pressure. CUs with capacity of 3,500 m3 / h of each are designed to compress of associated petroleum gas, which is fed from second separation stage and buffer separators, for subsequent APG injection into the pipeline of external transport under pressure of 0.7 MPa.

Compressor units have packaged design and are placed in separate shelters; they are equipped with automated control systems and safety systems as well as with life support systems. According to the project parameters CUs are operable in extreme climatic conditions (minimum air temperature – minus 55°С, average air temperature of the coldest five days – minus 43°С). CU operation mode as a part of the facility of oil-and-gas production complex is continuous with scheduled shutdowns for maintenance.

Gas purification at the inlet of each compressor is performed by the high-efficient separator (two-stage filter-scrubber) with automatic drainage system and pump for condensate discharge. Taking into consideration minus inlet pressure of APG (-0.02 MPa) units are equipped with oxygen sensors for monitoring its content in a compressible gas.

The units were supplied to the operation site with a high degree of prefabrication and maximum integration of the all assemblies and components on a single frame what has significantly reduced the duration of the construction and mounting works as well as start-up works.

The pre-operational stage has been completed with 24-hour individual testing and functional verification of CU in the course of 72-hour comprehensive test-run of the CSLS. During tests, the compressor units have worked in a normal mode, flawlessly.

All the works on preparation for operation and commissioning of equipment have been performed by the company ENERGAS.

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