At the Pregolskaya TPP in Kaliningrad, the first power unit was commissioned

24 September 2018

Inter RAO-Engineering LLC completed construction of the first combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT) of Pregolskaya TPP in Kaliningrad. According to the results of certification tests, the power unit confirmed the possibility of carrying a maximum electric load of 113.2 MW.

The commissioning of the first power unit of the Pregolskaya TPP was carried out earlier than the deadlines set by the RF Government decree of November 30, 2017. Currently, commissioning is under way at CCGT-2 and erection works are being completed at two other units. The planned completion date for the entire plant is the first quarter of 2019.

Power unit No. 1 of Pregolskaya TPP has successfully passed testing for certification. During 72 hours of testing, CCGT operated at maximum and minimum load, unloaded to the lower power limit, passed the test of the set and load shedding. In addition, the steady operation of the equipment was confirmed for 8 hours at the process minimum load, as well as testing for the allocated area.

After the completion of the diagnostics on September 19, Rostekhnadzor gave a conclusion on the compliance of the commissioned facility with design documentation, technical regulations and regulatory legal acts, including energy efficiency requirements. On September 20, the Agency for Architecture, Urban Planning and Prospective Development of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region issued a permit to commission power unit No. 1 in operation.

The construction of the Pregolskaya TPP (comprises four CCGTs) with a capacity of 454 MW has been in progress since July 2016. The project is managed by Inter RAO-Electricity Generation Management. General contractor is Inter RAO-Engineering.

The main equipment of the plant is produced by domestic enterprises. Each power generating unit includes gas turbine of type 6F.03 (produced by the Russian Gas Turbines LLC), generator (SPA Elsib), steam turbine (Power Machines PJSC), waste-heat boiler (Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk JSC). Dry fan cooling towers are applied at the facility.

Fuel supply for turbines 6F.03 is provided by gas treatment unit (GTU), manufactured by ENERGAS Company. GTU is installed at the territory of the Kaliningrad CHPP-2, which is adjacent to the TPP under construction. Gas treatment unit is a process unit, including several block-boxes with equipment for various purposes, which, when assembled, are docked together in a single building with a common roof. An exception is the inlet filtration module, which has an outdoor design on open frame.

In addition to the inlet filtration module, the unit is equipped with a fine gas purification system, a condensate drainage unit (with a 10 m3 drainage tank), a gas metering station with ultrasonic flow meters, a gas heating unit, and a reduction system. To determine the component composition and calorific value of fuel, the GTU is also equipped with a continuous on-stream gas chromatograph (calorimeter) with a sampling device.

Gas pressure at the GTU inlet is 1.2 ... 4.14 MPa. The rated capacity of the unit is 106,000 Nm3 / h.

ENERGAS also supplied for the Pregolskaya TPP a booster compressor station consisting of four units. BCS will provide gas supply to the power units if the pressure of the fuel gas entering the power plant is below the design parameters set by the manufacturer of gas turbine equipment.

Block-modular compressor units (CU) are made on the basis of screw oil-filled compressors. The pressure on the discharge line varies in the range 2.6 ... 3.45 MPa. The unit capacity (gas flow rate) of CU is 35,500 Nm3 / h and is controlled by a two-tier regulation system.

The gas filtration system in the CU is reinforced – an additional (insurance) gas fine filter is built into each block-module. The oil vapor analyzer in gas is installed on the common BCS outlet manifold (permissible level – no more than 0.5 ppm). The process scheme of the BCS also provides for a stable maintenance of the design gas feeding temperature to CCGT turbines.

Gas treatment unit and booster compressor units are fully automated. Their local automated control systems are output to a common control module placed in a separate enclosure. ACSs are integrated with the upper level of APCS and will provide remote equipment control, indoor gas hazard monitoring, output of status information for all elements and systems to the operator panel.

GTU, BCS and control module constitute a single complex – the comprehensive gas treatment and gas supply system of the Pregolskaya TPP.

REFERENCE. After the Blackout of 2013, it was decided to secure the power grid of the Kaliningrad region. This task is assigned to four new power plants – in Gusev (Mayakovskaya TPP), Sovetsk (Talakhovskaya TPP), Kaliningrad (Pregolskaya TPP) and Svetlovskiy urban district (Primorskaya TPP). To implement these projects, Kaliningrad Generation LLC was established. The first two facilities were launched in March 2018 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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