At the CHPP-1 production site of Ufa CHPP-4, the highly efficient system of fuel gas filtration for the GTPP-25P has been installed

28 December 2018

At the CHPP-1 production site of Ufa CHPP-4 (LLC Bashkir Generation Company) there is operates gas turbine power plant GTPP-25P which provides a combined energy production. The installed electric capacity of GTPP is 22.5 MW; thermal power is 26 Gcal/h. Coefficient of fuel combustion heat utilization reaches 85%.

The GTPP commissioning took place in October 2009. She became the first in the Russia gas turbine power plant created on basis of aircraft engine. Construction of the GTPP-25P – one of the most important energy projects in Bashkortostan in those years. Its capacity is sufficient for power supply of more than 25 thousand town flats and heating of 2,400 flats what let significantly increase the capabilities and reliability of the Ufa power grid.

The basis of power generating unit are the GTE-25P gas turbine unit (on base of engine PS-90EU-2G) produced by JSC UEC-Aviadvigatel and waste-heat boiler manufactured by Energomash-Stroy. As main fuel it is used natural gas.

At present, the feeding pipeline is equipped with highly efficient filtration system of the company ENERGAS. The degree of gas purification is 100% for contaminations larger than 5 microns.

The new system made on an open frame and it comprises two filters of vertical cartridge type. The capacity is 7,600 m3 / h. Control system for equipment is integrated into ACS of booster compressor station (BCS), which provides gas compression and its supply to the GTPP turbine.

Performed works are first stage of gas turbine power plant upgrade in part of gas treatment and fuel feeding. The second stage is BCS improvement with replacement of main element, screw oil-filled compressor.

The project is carried out by specialists of the LLC ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group). Its implementation will raise fuel gas quality, gas feeding reliability and GTPP efficiency.

REFERENCE. Bashkir Generation Company is one of the largest local energy companies of Russia, it owns large production base: one SDPS, ten CHPPs, two large HPPs as well as facilities of small power industry.

CHPP-1 is the oldest Central Heating and Power Plant of the city. It was built as a part of Ufa refinery. The first power units were commissioned in early 1939.

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