At the CCGT site of CHPP-3 in the city of Minsk, ServicENERGAS carried out a comprehensive maintenance of VPT gas compressor station

30 September 2019

The booster compressor station (BCS) manufactured by the VPT Kompressoren GmbH provides fuel gas for the combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT) operating as part of Minsk CHPP-3. Block-modular BCS of screw type forms the basis of the gas treatment system for CCGT.

At the moment of maintenance, the operating time of BCS has reached 75,000 hours. The following service activities were performed:

- Replacement of consumables (gas and oil filters, oil in the bearings of the motor);
- Check the alignment of rotating units (compressor and motor);
- Gaps measure and checking the status of the internal components of the compressor;
- Adjustment and calibration of position sensors and positioning of valves and hydraulic controllers;
- Functional tests of the oil system and cooling system of the compressor station;
- Verification of operational parameters and their adjustment;
- Troubleshooting, drafting recommendations on components replacement.

Maintenance works are carried out by the engineers of ServicENERGAS LLC (part of the ENERGAS Group).

REFERENCE. In the power grid of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk CHPP-3 has been operating since 1951. Currently, its installed capacity is 542 MW. MCHPP-3 is a part of single production and process complex for the generation, transmission and distribution of thermal and electric energy.

In 2009, a combined-cycle power generating unit was commissioned here – CCGT-230 with an electric capacity of 222 MW and a thermal capacity of 136 Gcal/h. The CCGT was created on the basis of the GT13E2 gas turbine (Alstom), the HRSG/DP01.1 waste heat boiler (SES ENERGY) and the T-53/67-8.0 (UTW) steam turbine. The main and reserve fuel is natural gas.

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