At the combined-cycle power generating units of Novogorkovskaya CHPP there was completed planned major overhaul of gas turbine units

17 July 2019

In 2014 Novogorkovskaya CHPP (Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region) received incremental capacities via upgrade. Power plant enlargement was conducted on investment program of "Diadem" of the T Plus Group - the largest Russian private company operating in the electric power industry and heat supply.

Within the framework of the project, called "Rubin", a modern combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT) consisting of two power generating units was built and put into operation here. The main equipment of CCGT is two Alstom gas turbine units (GTU) made based on GT13E2 turbines and 50WY21Z-095 generators.

At present, at the facility there is completed inspection type "C" (major overhaul) of GTU with the replacement of the main parts of gas turbines.

During the overhaul, at the turbines there was carried out a complete replacement of the hot gas path elements – mounted new working and fixed blades of three stages, combustion liners, burners, thermal screens of stators and rotors of GTU, filter elements of the inlet air filter unit. The tile of combustors was completely re-laid; there was replaced the spacer rings of the line B of the turbines’ guide vane. In addition, turbine bearings and compressor bearings of the GTU-1 were replaced; as well as almost 800 parts of GTU auxiliary equipment were replaced.

Such large-scale maintenance works on gas turbines of the Novogorkovskaya CHPP were held for the first time. According to the regulations, they should be carried out after 36 thousand hours of operation, that is, on average once every five years.

In addition, as part of the inspection, the main checkup of the Borsig T-Jet-70-4 gas booster compressors and auxiliary equipment of the booster compressor station was carried out, the dry gas seals of compressor No. 2 were replaced. The planned routine repair of waste-heat boilers and auxiliary equipment of CCGT’s power units was carried out.

The volume of investments directed by T Plus PJSC for the works amounted to more than 2.6 billion rubles.

Alstom turbines of type GT13E2 are one of the most versatile in its class, having a high efficiency (38%). In addition, they provide high performance at partial load (50%) and have low NOx emissions when operating over a wide range of temperatures.

Gas turbine units of this type were first installed in Russia precisely at the Novogorkovskaya CHPP. The electric capacity of GTU-1 is 176.2 MW; GTU-2 is 175.8 MW.

CCGT with rated capacity of 350 MW is integrated with existing steam-power units of CHPP. Such design has provided an efficient combined cycle of the power plant operation; it not only increased its capacity, but also increased the overall efficiency.

Feeding gas lines are equipped with automated commercial gas-metering unit manufactured by ENERGAS. The GMU of type GS-M-20000/12 is a process system designed to measuring flow rate, determine gas composition, calculation of a calorific value, a density, a relative density and a Wobbe index of the fuel incoming to the CCGT.

The capacity of bilinear GMU is 185,000 m3 / h. This equipment allows mutual financial calculations between the supplier, the gas distribution company and the consumer, control over the flow rates and hydraulic modes of gas supply systems, compilation of gas reception and supply balances, control over gas use efficiency.

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