At the new GTU-TPP in Elabuga there is begun pre-start preparation

15 March 2018

In the II quarter of 2018 in Elabuga (Republic of Tatarstan) is planned to put into operation a new thermal power plant. The modern TPP is located at the site of a local heat network company, it will operate in a combined cycle and issue heat and electricity.

The designer of the facility is LLC "Tatbelenergoproekt". Construction is conducted by the holding company IED-holding (investor of Elabuga Heat Network Company since 2011).

At present, here there are completed construction and mounting works; there is begun adjustment of generating aggregates, process and auxiliary equipment. Start on pre-start preparation was given by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, who inspected the new station.

The main equipment of GTU-TPP consists of four gas turbine units Solar of type Taurus 60 GS with a unit capacity of 5.6 MW and four hot-water waste-heat boilers. The installed electrical capacity of the station will be about 20 MW; the thermal capacity - 28 Gcal / h.

Thanks to effective technology, the cost price of produced heat will significantly decrease what will allow to restrain the growth of tariffs. Besides, the facility's commissioning will increase the capabilities of Elabuga energy system and reliability of power supply to consumers.

The fuel for GTU-TPP turbines is natural gas. Operating parameters of gas on purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate will be provided by the comprehensive gas treatment system of ENERGAS. At the operation site there is installed process equipment included in the system - gas treatment unit (packaged gas purification unit - PGPU) and a booster compressor station.

The main elements of the PGPU are a gas purification system consisting of three filtration lines and a drainage module, and a two-line gas metering unit. Additional equipment is a continuous chromatograph (calorimeter) and a dew point measurer with sampling devices.

In accordance with the project PGPU will carry out the following functions:

  • gas purification from solid particles and droplet moisture to the turbine manufacturer's design requirements;
  • collection of trapped liquid in a drainage tank with subsequent transfer to a mobile vessel or special transport;
  • gas flow measurement;
  • determination and recording of gas composition and its changes;
  • determination of calorific value;
  • dew point measurement.

After preliminary treatment, the gas flow is directed to the booster compressor station, including two screw-type units. The BCS compresses and feeds fuel gas to the turbines at the required design pressure of 1.65 MPa. The process scheme of the BCS also provides for the provision of a set gas feeding temperature to the GTU-TPP.

The capacity of the comprehensive gas treatment system is 8,240 m3 / h. All units are automated; local ACS will be integrated into the APCS of the thermal power plant. Equipment version - container, block-modules are equipped with safety and life support systems.

Step-by-step commissioning of BCS and PGPU, including erection supervision, start-up and adjusting works, individual testing, operability
verification of equipment during GTU-TPP comprehensive test-run, as well as training of operating personnel are performed by the LLC
"ServicENERGAS" (companies group ENERGAS).
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