At the oil and gas gathering facility Ozhginskoye there is being reconstructed a BCS of associated gas

10 April 2019

The oil and gas gathering facility of the Ozhginskoye field of the company Uralnefteservis (JSC UNS, part of NK Neftisa) is located in the Kungursky district of the Perm Territory. The facility is equipped with a booster compressor station, the purpose of the BCS is to treat and compress associated petroleum gas for transportation via the Kokuy - Perm gas pipeline.

Hangar type BCS is placed in the prefabricated building and two adjacent electrical compartments. The design pressure of APG at the inlet is 0.1 ... 0.21 MPa, in the discharge line – 1.8 MPa. Station capacity (gas flow rate) is 9,400 Nm3 / h.

Currently, a comprehensive reconstruction of the BCS is underway. At the first stage, a technical audit of compressor, process and electrical equipment was carried out; the input and output pipelines were audited; the scope of work was determined, and the schedule for their implementation was agreed upon.

Elements of gas pipelines for purging (before tie-in to the main line) and faulty components of the compressor station for subsequent repair or replacement were dismantled. There was delivered the main element of the BCS – a new screw oil-filled compressor and it was installed in a regular place.

There is provided for the improvement of the system for regulating the capacity of the BCS, updating the software, connecting and setting up a local automated control system with its integration into the upper level of APCS.

After completion of the repair and assembly & installation stages, a complex of commissioning works and testing, as well as training of operational personnel are forthcoming.

The project is implemented by service specialists of the ENERGAS Group of Companies. Engineers of ServicENERGAS LLC have gained unique experience in the field of upgrade and operability rehabilitation of gas compressor equipment and gas treatment equipment. They are recognized experts here.

REFERENCE. Today, the enterprises of the Perm group of NK Neftisa have seven license areas in the Perm Territory and one in the Sverdlovsk Region. Oil production is carried out at the following fields: Ozhginskoye and Altynovskoye oil and gas fields, Dubovogorskoye, Kapkanskoye and Kamenskoye oil fields, and Eskinskoye oil and gas condensate field. Production operator is JSC UNS.

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