At the Livny CHPP of PJSC Quadra, a gas turbine unit has been upgraded

12 September 2019

At the Livny CHPP there is completed scheduled repair of a gas turbine unit (GTU). Power engineers carried out partial reconstruction of equipment using upgraded subassemblies and parts. The cost of works exceeded 270 million rubles.

Restoration works were conducted in accordance with technical regulations – after 25,000 hours of operating time. The midlife repair of this GTU is part of the annual repair program of the branch of PJSC Quadra, the Orel generating.

In a specialized service center there were performed a modular replacement of the "hot part" and combustion chamber of the gas generator of GTU as well as a repair of the middle frame. The maintenance of booster compressor unit and minor inspection of generator also completed.

A 30 MW gas turbine unit was commissioned in February 2013. GTU was built on Livny CHPP reconstruction project – as a part of the large-scale investment program of Quadra for the renewal of generating equipment.

For the first time in half a century – since the launch of the power plant – the capacity of the CHPP is significantly increased. Electricity generation was raised 5 times, which significantly improve the reliability of the Livny energy center. After upgrade, the installed electric capacity of facility is 42 MW, thermal – 273.6 Gcal / h.

The gas-turbine power generating unit is created on the basis of the LM2500+G4 turbine manufactured by General Electric and the waste-heat boiler of type KUP-55-3.9-440 produced by the Energomash plant in Belgorod. Compression and feeding of fuel gas to the turbine at working pressure of 3.7 MPa are provided by ENERGAS booster compressor unit with capacity of 1,000 m3 / h.

REFERENCE. Livny CHPP is the most important life support facility in the city of Livny, the second largest in the Orel region. In December 1958, the first boiler unit and turbine generator were commissioned at the station. In March 1959, the second stage of the CHPP was commissioned. By December 1960, the plant reached its designed capacity. In 1962, Livny CHPP was included in the unified power system of the European part of the country.

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