At Astrakhan CCGT-110, the fuel gas comprehensive treatment system has been upgraded

6 June 2013

Since April 2011, a combined cycle gas turbine unit has been operating at the Astrakhan SDPP site (LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo), which became the first new-generation facility built by PJSC LUKOIL in the South of Russia. CCGT-110 actually replaced the power plant that had worked out its resource, and the obsolete equipment was dismantled.

Overall, the commissioning of CCGT-110 minimized the negative impact on the environment, increased the generation of electricity in the power grid of the Astrakhan Region, optimized the city heating system, increased the reliability of energy supply to the housing complex and industrial enterprises, which created conditions for the development of infrastructure in regional center.

Combined-cycle plant is equipped with efficient equipment with high technical indicators. Here they operate: two GE gas turbine units of the type LM6000 PF DLE SPRINT with a capacity of 46.64 MW each, waste-heat boilers of two pressures KGT-44/4.6-435-13/0.5-210 with a steam productivity of 58 t / h each (Belenergomash), and steam turbine T-14/23-4.5/0.18 with a capacity of 23.8 MW (Kaluga Turbine Plant).

The technologies used in the combined-cycle plant provide combined energy generation, high fuel efficiency and overall facility efficiency. The designed electric capacity of the CCGT is 110 MW (actual - 121 MW), thermal capacity – 66 Gcal / h.

Local natural gas is used as the fuel. Its pre-set parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate are guaranteed by the ENERGAS process system: a gas treatment station, a main compressor station (high-pressure CS) and a compressor station of backup gas supply (low-pressure CS).

At present, this system has been upgraded, into its structure there is integrated additional gas filtration (fine purification) unit. Efficiency is 100% for solid particles larger than 10 microns and droplet moisture, residual content of impurities in gas at the outlet is not more than 3 ppmw (mg / kg). The throughput of the equipment is identical to the total capacity of the gas treatment system and amounts to 26,000 m3 / h.

The unit of two filters of vertical cartridge type is made on an open frame (with roof from rainfall) and according to the process flow scheme is installed before a main CS. Filters for two-stage purification are equipped with pressure differential sensors that signal the contamination of filter elements and, accordingly, increase the degree of protection of the compressors.

The comprehensive commissioning of the new unit (erection supervision, start-up and adjustment works, individual and integrated tests) was fulfilled by the specialists of the ServicENERGAS (ENERGAS Group).

The project improved the quality of fuel gas, the reliability of the high-pressure compressor station and the gas treatment system as a whole, that minimizes the risk of unplanned shutdowns of the process equipment and combined-cycle plant.

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