The upgraded AL-31ST gas turbine engine for the gas pumping units is undergoing pilot operation

19 August 2019

Ufa PJSC UEC-UMPO, a member of JSC UEC of the Rostech State Corporation, conducts pilot operation of upgraded AL-31ST gas turbine engine (GTE) for the gas pumping units. The improved GTE is equipped with a low pressure compressor (LPC) with an adjustable inlet guide device (AIGD).

Tests are underway at the facility of Gazprom Transgaz Ufa, a subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom. The engine has already been running at 500 hours.

Adjustable inlet guide device of LPC allows you to expand the supply of gas-dynamic stability of the drive. The next step after the engine has reached an operating time of 1500 hours should be the transfer of AL-31ST with an AIGD to commercial operation.

The upgrade of the AL-31ST took place as part of measures to increase the operational reliability and environmental friendliness of this gas turbine drive. In 2018, the large-scale works were performed at PJSC UEC-UMPO under this program: tests and debugging of a prototype module of fuel valves and improved working blades of a high-pressure turbine were performed. These subassemblies are already included in the design documentation. AL-31ST products, which are received by the association for repair, are being equipped with new subassemblies.

In 2018-2019, at the same time with the works on gas turbine engine improvement there was upgraded specialized test complex (TC) which designed for equivalent cyclic testing of GTE AL-31ST.

Unique in its features TC of UEC-UMPO allows to test individual units and assemblies, as well as the entire design of the engine at a significantly accelerated cyclic loads in artificially created extreme conditions (in comparison with the natural operation conditions). On the test bench there are especially thoroughly tested design of rotating blades and frames of the high-pressure turbines, from operability of which there is directly depending general operational life and reliability of the drive.

As part of upgrade, the TC was equipped with a booster compressor unit (BCU) intended for uninterrupted fuel gas feeding to the testable GTEs according to the set parameters on purity, pressure, temperature and flow rate.

BCU supplied by the company ENERGAS compresses gas to the required designed values (2.8…3.2 MPa) and feed it to the gas generator of drives in the process of their testing. This equipment was developed on an individual project – specially for operating in conditions of the high intensity of starts and shutdowns under various duration of testing. Capacity of BCU is 6,500 m3 / h.

Commissioning of the gas-compressor equipment as well as a course of technical consultations for the operating personnel (BCU operators) have been conducted by the experts of ServicENERGAS LLC.

Note that for ENERGAS Companies Group this is the fourth similar project. Earlier, by specially designed compressor units there were equipped gas turbine's test benches of PJSC Proton - Perm Motors, JSC UEC - Gas Turbines and CJSC Nevsky Zavod.

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