The upgraded GCU successfully passed individual tests at the site of auxiliaries power plant of the East-Perevalnoye field

26 September 2018

The gas turbine power plant at the East-Perevalnoye field, which is being developed by the Kogalymneftegaz TPE (LUKOIL-West Siberia), is equipped with a starting gas compressor unit (CU) of Enerproject.

Previously, this CU was in long-term storage at the Gezh field. After movement to other facility, the unit is upgraded taking into account the changed operating conditions. This task was solved by service specialists of ENERGAS Group – the official partner of the Swiss company Enerproject SA in Russia.

The engineers of ServicENERGAS LLC have carried out restoration work, upgraded the oil system, and replaced the main component of the unit, a screw oil-filled compressor. The new aggregate is additionally equipped with a system for monitoring the temperature of the sliding bearings and a system for monitoring the axial shear of the compressor screws.

There was installed new software, connected and configured automated control system of CU. Local ACS is integrated with the upper level of the APCS of the gas turbine power plant.

Currently there was performed set of start-up and adjustment works which were completed with own (individual) tests.

Commissioning of the gas-booster equipment will take place after a 72-hour operability check as a part of the GTPP-28. Under the terms of the contract, the project is being implemented as soon as possible.

Compressor unit with capacity of 2,000 m3 / h is intended for final treatment, compression and supply of associated petroleum gas under pressure of 1.6 ... 1.8 MPa to the starting Ural-4000 power unit, made on the basis of the GTU-4P gas turbine unit with capacity of 4 MW.

The main generating equipment of the GTPP-28 consists of four Ural-6000 power units (based on GTU-6P) with capacity of 6 MW each. The Ural-4000 and Ural-6000 were designed and manufactured by the Perm engine-builders: the companies UEC-Aviadvigatel and UEC-Perm Motors.

The gas turbine power plant has been operating since March 2018. The new facility solves the problem of energy shortages and provides rational use of associated gas at the East-Perevalnoye field. The planned amount of APG recovery as a fuel for the GTPP is 65 million cubic meters annually.

The inclusion in the process scheme of GTPP-28 starting units (gas compressor and gas turbine) will allow to decommission of the fleet of electric trains of local gas reciprocating power plant.

REFERENCE. The East-Perevalnoye oil and gas field is the most distant deposit of the Kogalymneftegaz TPE; from Kogalym to it more than six hundred kilometers. Compared with other license areas of the enterprise, this field is rather young. It was opened in 1990 and put into operation in 1995.

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