Multipackaged gas treatment unit for the Pregolskaya TPP is mounted at the site of operation

11 May 2018

ENERGAS has manufactured and supplied for the Pregolskaya TPP a gas treatment unit. GTU is a process unit, including several block-boxes with equipment for various purposes, which, when assembled, are docked together in a single building with a common roof. An exception is the inlet filtration module, which has an outdoor design on open frame.

GTU has been installed at the site of operation. It is planned start-up and adjustment works.

In addition to the inlet filtration module, the unit is equipped with a fine gas purification system, a condensate drainage unit (with a 10 m3 drainage tank), a gas metering station with ultrasonic flowmeters, a gas heating unit, and a reduction system.

To determine the component composition and calorific value of fuel, the GTU is equipped with a continuous on-stream gas chromatograph (calorimeter) with a sampling device.

Gas pressure at the GTU inlet varies in the range 1.2 ... 4.14 MPa. The rated capacity of the unit is 106,000 Nm3 / h.

Multipackaged gas treatment unit is part of comprehensive gas treatment and gas supply system of the new power plant. This system also comprises a booster compressor station (BCS) of four units and a control module with local automated control systems of BCS and GTU. All the equipment was supplied to the facility by the ENERGAS Company.

The commissioning of Pregolskaya TPP will make Kaliningrad's power grid more maneuverable. The builders intend to commission the first power unit as early as current year. The fourth one is scheduled to be commissioned in a year. The total installed capacity of the TPP is 456 MW. This will be the most powerful power plant of the new generating, which will become the basic of the energy security of the entire region.

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