"Quadra" completed the reconstruction of the Kursk NWD CHPP

25 October 2018

In Kursk, the company "Quadra" completed the reconstruction of the gas turbine unit (GTU) No. 1, which is part of the combined-cycle power unit (CCGT-115) of the CHPP of the North-Western District.

There were replaced the main elements of the GTU, which have developed their resources. Compressor, combustion chamber, high-pressure turbine, middle turbine frame, auxiliary gearbox and other equipment were reconstructed.

The work carried out allows not only to increase the service life of the gas turbine unit, but also to increase the reliability of electricity and heat supply in densely populated areas: North-West, South-West, Pobedy Avenue, AAS micro district.

Investments of PJSC Quadra in the reconstruction amounted to 421 million rubles.

Currently, in operation at NWD CHPP there are six hot water boilers, as well as CCGT-115 equipment: two GTUs LM6000 PD SPRINT with capacity of 45 MW each (manufactured by General Electric), a 25 MW steam turbine unit (Kaluga Turbine Plant), two steam waste-heat boilers (Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk).

The thermal capacity of the power plant is 710 Gcal / h, electric capacity – 116.9 MW (power certification was held in January of this year). The fuel for the combined-cycle power unit is natural gas.

Fuel gas compression and supply to CCGT turbines under working pressure of 4.9 MPa is provided by a booster compressor station (BCS) supplied and commissioned by ENERGAS.

BCS consists of two compressor units with a unit capacity of 13 thousand m3 / h. Gas flow rate is controlled by a special two-level regulation system. Packaged screw-type CUs operate in automatic mode; the automated control system is integrated with the APCS upper level of Kursk NWD CHPP.

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