Associated gas compressor station at GTPP-72 of the Vatyegan field has passed a 10-year milestone of reliable operation

28 May 2021

The gas turbine power plant of the Vatyegan field is the first facility of the own generation of PJSC LUKOIL built in West Siberia. The 72 MW GTPP is still one of the largest power supply complexes operating at the company's fields.

The GTPP-72 uses associated petroleum gas as a fuel. Thus, the provision of own electricity for the production and infrastructure facilities of the field is combined with the recovery of APG.

A significant contribution to the reliability and efficiency of power supply complex operation is made by the booster compressor station for associated gas. Since May 2011, this BCS has been supplying turbines with fuel with the required parameters for purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate. BCS of the hangar type consists of four compressor units which housed in separate building.

The units (CUs), supplied and commissioned by ENERGAS Company, are made based on screw oil-filled compressors. The unit capacity of the CU amounts to 12,800 m3 / h; gas flow is controlled by a special two-level regulation system.

Process equipment provides a high compression ratio: the APG inlet pressure is 0.15 MPa, the outlet pressure is 2.7 MPa. The purification of gas entering the compressors (two-step removal of liquid fraction and solid particles) is carried out by highly efficient coalescing filters-scrubbers with automatic drainage system.

The delivery line of each CU is equipped with a shell-and-tube heat exchanger (with a built-in separator and a condensate collector), which cools the compressed APG, removes the resulting condensate and maintains the calculated temperature of the gas fuel set by the turbines manufacturer and design requirements.

BCS is fully automated. Local control systems of compressor units are tied by a group regulation algorithm and integrated with the upper level of the facility's APCS. The joint ACS provides remote control of equipment, automatic protections and alarm; monitors the process parameters and gas pollution in the machine room of the BCS; handles the parameters of the workflows and emergency events; issues information to the operator panel.

Operation mode of gas booster units as part of the power plant is continuous, with scheduled shutdowns for maintenance.


The GTPP-72 consists of six EGES-12S-01 power units with a capacity of 12 MW each. They are based on GTU-12PG-2 gas turbine units, designed by JSC UEC-Aviadvigatel and manufactured by JSC UEC-Perm Motors.

In the design and construction of power plant there was realized number of new design solutions. Among the features of the Vatyegan GTPP, the following should be noted:

- Turbogenerator and reduction valve are made on a single frame;
- There is used a separate turbogenerator protection module;
- In each turbine room there are symmetrically placed two power units ("left" and "right" version).

The pairwise units placement in turbine rooms that was used here for the first time was later applied at many of LUKOIL's own generation facilities.


The large Vatyegan oil field is located in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area 140 km north-east of Surgut and 30 km east of Kogalym. Opened in 1971, its name was given by the name of the river Vatyegan. The development began in 1983. The development is carried out by the territorial production enterprise TPE Povkhneftegaz of LUKOIL-West Siberia.

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