Comprehensive treatment of fuel gas for the Pregolskaya TPP turbines

6 April 2019

An article by Eduard Zimnukhov, Head of the Projects Implementation Department of ENERGAS LLC, has been devoted to this topic. It has been published in a number of specialized print and electronic publications.

Using the example of the Pregolskaya TPP commissioned in March 2019, we consider the possibilities of integrated gas treatment based on multifunctional process units used in the automated process of purification, drying, heating, reducing, metering, quality control, compressing and supplying fuel gas to turbines of combined cycle power units.

We will turn the historical clock back on six years. At that time, after the "blackout" of 2013, on the instructions of the President of Russia and in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation, it was decided to guarantee the necessary power capacities and securely de-risk the power-supply system of the Kaliningrad Region…

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