GTPP being built at the South-Nyurymskoye field is equipped with booster compressor station of Enerproject

21 April 2017

South-Nyurymskoye oil field is situated in the south of the Tyumen region, in the Uvat area within two license areas: Nelymskoye and Shalimovskoye. A preliminary assessment of the geological reserves of industrial categories is 20 million tons of oil.

Within frames of the field development project here there is being constructed gas turbine power plant (GTPP) for own needs. General designer of the facility is "SurgutNIPIneft"; construction is carried out by "Gas Gathering and Use Division (UVSING)".

GTPP consists of two power generating units of type "Ural-4000" (manufactured by the JSC "UEC-Aviadvigatel") each of which is based on a gas turbine unit GTU-4P with electrical capacity of 4 MW. Also there is provided issuance of the thermal power by the waste heat exchangers UT-55-10 with total capacity of 8 MW.

As a fuel for GTPP will be used associated petroleum gas produced at the field.

Compression of associated gas and its feeding to the turbines under required operating pressure of 2 MPa will be provided by the booster compressor station. BCS of hangar type comprises two compressor units (CU) of Enerproject on base of screw oil-flooded compressors. Capacity of each CU is 6 000 m3/h.

CUs are placed inside a separate capital building.

They are equipped with individual ACS and group system of automated control, as well as with two-tier systems of capacity regulation. Operation mode of the units as a part of the facility of oil and gas production complex is uninterrupted with scheduled shutdowns for maintenance.

Gas purification at the inlet of each compressor is implemented by high-efficient separator - two-stage filter-scrubber with automatic drainage system. There is provided possibility of replacement of the cartridges of scrubbers as well as quick replacement (without CU shutdown) of the filtering elements of oil system.

Equipment was supplied with a high degree of prefabrication after preliminary factory testing. Currently there are performed mounting works at the site of operation. There has been erected corps building of BCS; there is conducted installation, alignment and fixing of compressor units on the foundations; there have been mounted air coolers of CU.

The phased commissioning of the booster compressor station of fuel gas, including erection supervision, start-up, individual testing and operability check of the BCS during comprehensive test run of gas turbine power plant will be carried out by the LLC "ServicENERGAS" (companies group ENERGAS).

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