ENERGAS Group actively develops the Program of long-term service on gas treatment and compression equipment

1 November 2019

For the normal operation and full working out of the resource of process equipment, timely servicing is required, as well as, if necessary, upgrade, completion, current or overhaul repairs.

In the ENERGAS Group these duties are fulfilled by the service and technical division created in 2008. Since the beginning of this year, the mobile teams of ServicENERGAS LLC experts have carried out about 260 trips to conduct service activities at various facilities, including remote and hard-to-reach, especially dangerous and technically complex.

There is being actively expanded Program on the provision of long-term maintenance services. There was signed a number of the long-term contracts (up to 36 months) for post-warranty maintenance of gas treatment and compression units. Such contracts are concluded with regard to equipment of own production and to equipment of other manufacturers and suppliers.

So, for example, in the framework of the agreement with JSC Far-Eastern Generating Company, the service engineers perform comprehensive maintenance on fuel (natural) gas treatment system for the power generating units of the Vostochnaya GTU-CHPP.

The GTU-CHPP was put into operation in September 2018. This is the first large power facility built in the last 46 years in the Vladivostok. Installed electric capacity of power plant is 139.5 MW; thermal capacity is 432 Gcal / h. The main generating equipment comprises three LM6000 PF DLE Sprint gas-turbine units (GE), waste-heat boilers and peak water-heating boilers.

The ENERGAS multifunctional gas treatment system, which includes a booster compressor station (BCS) of three units, a block-type gas treatment unit (BGTU) and a gas receiver, provides the required fuel parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure, and flow rate.

Scheduled works are carried out according to the schedule coordinated with the customer. In addition, ServicENERGAS supplies a complete set of consumables. The next maintenance took place here at the end of October. All the units, operating as a part of gas treatment system, underwent maintenance.

The following activities were conducted as planned:

- Replacement of consumables of the compressor units and gas treatment unit;
- Change of filtering elements of the separation systems of BCS and BGTU;
- Diagnosis of local automated control systems;
- Correction of the gas flow meters;
- Functional tests of the all utility systems;
- Verification of operational parameters and their adjustment;
- Troubleshooting, drafting recommendations on components replacement.

At the time of maintenance, the operating time of each compressor unit has ranged more than 3,000 hours, and the gas treatment unit has been more than 11,000 hours.

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