Generating equipment of the first power unit of the Grozny TPP successfully passed the final tests before certification

26 January 2019

The branches of JSC SO UPS provided regime conditions for conducting integrated tests of the generating equipment of the first power unit of the Grozny TPP. These branches are United Dispatching Department of the Power System of the South (UDD of the South) and the Regional Dispatching Department of the Power Systems of the Republics of the North Caucasus and the Stavropol Territory (North Caucasus RDD).

The power generating unit with capacity of about 180 MW consists of SGT5-2000E gas turbine unit (GTU) created on a basis of gas turbine and generator manufactured by Siemens. Integrated testing of GTU-1 with capacity of 176 MW is the final stage before certification and commissioning of generating equipment into commercial operation.

The Grozny TPP will become one of the most important elements of the power system of the Chechen Republic. It will reduce the problem of electric power shortage in the region, as well as increase the reliability of the Chechen power system and the southeastern part of the UPS of the South as a whole under conditions of an increase in load forecast.

The test program, coordinated with the System Operator, provided for a continuous 72-hour operation of the first power unit of the TPP with maximum load as part of the energy complex of the Unified Power System of Russia.

When conducting tests of generating equipment in a complex regime-balance situation, the System Operator ensured stable operation of the Unified Power System of the South without disrupting the power supply to consumers.

At present, a similar (by characteristics and equipment) power generating unit No. 2 is being built at the facility. Completion of its construction is scheduled for March-April 2019. The total installed electric capacity of Grozny thermal power plant will reach the design value – about 360 MW. The main fuel is natural gas.

At the same time, the compressor unit No. 2 is also underwent the integrated tests. During the testing, CU-2 provided uninterrupted fuel supply to the GTU-1 under required operating pressure of 2.4 ... 2.5 MPa.

This unit is part of a booster compressor station (supplied by Sfera LLC). The BCS is intended for gas treatment in accordance with the design parameters on purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate set by the manufacturer of turbines.

BCS of fuel gas comprises three Enerproject modular units of EGSI-S-610/2850WA type. The step-by-step commissioning of the compressor equipment (erection supervision, start-up and adjustment works, own testing, comprehensive operability check as a part of the TPP, training of operating personnel) is being conducted by the leading engineers of ENERGAS Group, of the official representative of the Swiss company Enerproject SA in Russia.

REFERENCE. The operating company of the Grozny TPP is OGK-2 PJSC. The project is being implemented by the Gazprom Energoholding Group within the framework of the system of capacity supply agreements (CSA). The Grozny TPP is the final CSA project in the Gazprom Energoholding Group.

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