Gas turbine power plant at Sengileevsky Cement Plant: 5 years of energy generating for production needs of enterprise

14 July 2020

In July 2015, the Sengileevsky Cement Plant (part of the EUROCEMENT group) was commissioned in the Ulyanovsk Region. In Russia, it is one of the most modern enterprises in the industry, operating according to a highly efficient and environmentally friendly "dry" method. Its capacity is 2.365 million tons of cement per year.

In comparison with the traditional ("wet") method of cement production, labor productivity here was increased by four times, while the consumption of energy resources was reduced by two times. The plant meets high environmental standards – emissions have been reduced by 2.5 times compared to standard indicators.

Since the commissioning of the enterprise, an autonomous power supply complex - a gas turbine power plant of a cogeneration cycle - has been operating within it. The GTPP provides electrical and thermal energy for the plant's production capacities, and the exhaust gases of the turbines are used as a drying agent.

The capabilities of its own power plant made it possible to reduce fuel consumption further, reduce heat emission to the atmosphere by 30% and minimize energy losses during transportation. The installed capacity of the GTPP is 25.8 MW; the electrical efficiency is 34.8% (ISO).

GTPP was created on the basis of two SGT-400 gas turbine units (GTU) manufactured by Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd. Capacity of each GTU is 12.9 MW, exhaust flow rate is 39.4 kg / s with temperature 573°С. Power generating units are placed in easy-to-assemble building and operate in parallel with the power grid.

The compression and feeding of the fuel gas to the GTU turbines under operating pressure of 2.7 MPa are performed by the ENERGAS gas-booster station consisting of two compressor units (CU) of screw type. The process flow diagram of the СU provides for stable maintenance of the project temperature of gas fuel. Capacity of units is 4,500 m3 / h each.

Block-modular compressor units are placed in their own sound-absorbing shelters and are equipped with life support systems and safety systems. CUs are equipped with individual ACS and group system of automated control with the function of transmitting data to APCS of upper level, as well as with two-level systems of capacity control.


The Siemens SGT-400 industrial gas turbine unit combines a robust design with high efficiency (34.8%) and ultra-low emissions of harmful substances. Turbines can operate on different types of fuel and in various operating conditions. Currently, there are more than 390 SGT-400 units in the world with capacity from 10 to 15 MW. Their total operating time is more than 5 million real hours of operation with a reliability index of 99%.

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