Gas compressor station as a part of GTPP Kolomenskoye: 10 years of reliable fuel supply for turbines

1 May 2019

In the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, since July 2009, there is operating Kolomenskoye gas turbine power plant.

Cogeneration GTPP (electric power is 136 MW, thermal – 171 Gcal / h) has in its composition:

- Three SGT-800 gas turbine units manufactured by Siemens;
- Three hot-water waste-heat boilers produced by Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk JSC;
- АМS generators of company АВВ (Sweden);
- SPPA-T3000 automated control system of the Siemens.

Fuel for GTPP is natural gas. Compression and fuel feeding into turbines under required working pressure of 3 MPa are implemented by the booster compressor station (BCS) which was supplied by the company ENERGAS.

The BCS began its work on May 1, 2009 – two months before the launch of the power plant. This allowed power engineers to conduct a full range of tests of the generating equipment and put it into operation in a timely manner.

BCS includes four compressor units, made on the basis of screw oil-filled compressors. The capacity of each CU is 19,700 m3 / h. CUs are housed in their own sound-absorbing shelters; they operate in automatic mode, equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation, lighting) and safety (fire detection and fire extinguishing, gas detection). Monitoring and control is carried out from the central switchboard of GTPP.

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