ENERGAS has commissioned an automated gas distribution station AGDS Aleksandrovka

11 December 2018

At one of the facilities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, an automated gas distribution station Aleksandrovka has been commissioned. AGDS with a capacity of 26,870 m3 / h carries out gas offtake from the main pipeline and provides filtration, flow measuring, quality control, pressure reducing, heating and odorizing of gas before its transportation to a remote thermal power plant.

This project was devised and implemented by the ENERGAS Companies Group. AGDS is a multiunit design which combined into general module consisting of four compartments: process, boiler, odorizing, and control.

The main components of AGDS are:

- Gas purification system with coalescing filters. The efficiency is 100% for liquid fraction and 99.9% for solid particles of size larger than 10 microns.

- Unit of gas condensate gathering and storage with two drainage tanks – under pressure (volume 1 m3) and atmospheric (3 m3). The underground reservoirs are equipped with a liquid level control device and equipment for condensate removing into a mobile cistern.

- Gas heating module based on liquid shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a thermal capacity of 450 kW each. The module is intended to prevent the formation of crystalline hydrates in gas pipelines during transportation and composed of two heating lines – working and backup.

- Pressure reducing subassembly consisting of two lines each of which includes pressure regulator, monitor and safety shutoff valve. This equipment reduces the main gas pressure (1.2 … 5.5 MPa) to the required designed level of 1.0 MPa.

- Odorizing module intended to impart a specific odor to natural gas. The module comprises an external ground tank for odorant storage with a volume of 2.1 m3 and an automatic odorizing unit with a dosing pump.

- Commercial gas-metering unit with ultrasonic flow meters. Flow meters are equipped with microprocessor calculators, data from which is transmitted to the local control system of AGDS and further to the upper level of APCS. The relative error of the unit is no more than 1%.

- Gas quality control system based on measuring and analytical equipment with sampling devices. The following gas parameters are calculated: component composition, dew point, calorific value, absolute and relative density, Wobbe index, compressibility factor.

The gas distribution station also includes auxiliary equipment for its own needs to ensure the main process procedures:

- Subassembly for treatment (purification and drying) of pulsed gas for AGDS pneumatic actuators;
- Standby generator with an electrical capacity of 21 kW;
- Engineering systems, including life support and safety systems;
- Boiler room with a capacity of 1.0 MW for AGDS premises heating and heat carrier treatment for gas heating module;
- Gas supply (fuel treatment) unit for boiler room and for generator with equipment for filtering, pressure reducing and metering of gas.

AGDS is fully automated. The control system is made based on microprocessor technology, using modern software, switching equipment and communication channels and protocols. The local ACS is integrated with the upper level of APCS.

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