For associated gas recovery at the PWRU-3 of Sovietskoye field of OJSC Tomskneft, vacuum compressor station of ENERGAS has been commissioned

18 October 2017

At Sovietskoye field of OJSC Tomskneft there were successfully completed 72-hour comprehensive testing of preliminary water removal unit No.3 (PWRU-3).

During testing it was also inspected vacuum compressor station (VCS), supplied by the company ENERGAS. This process equipment will provide rational use of low-pressure APG at the facility in the maximum extent possible.

VCS of screw type compresses associated gas of the second separation stage from close to the vacuum pressure (0.001…0.01 MPa) to the gas pressure of the first separation stage (0.6 MPa) for joint injection into the pipeline to the gas distribution station.

Compressor station on the special requirements of the project operates at minimum capacity - 250 m3 / h. The capacity control system composed of two closed control loops. The first loop controls the spool position and regulates the capacity of compressor station in the range of 15...100%, which ensures high efficiency of its operation, even at partial loads. The second loop - control of bypass valves - controls capacity in the range 0...15%.

APG purification at gas inlet to the compressor is implemented by high-efficiency separator (two-stage filter-scrubber) which equipped with automatic condensate drainage system. There is provided possibility of quick replacement of filtering elements (cartridges).

Packaged VCS is placed in separate weatherproof shelter; is equipped with life support systems and safety systems as well as automated control system. Operation mode as a part of PWRU is continuous.

In the course of 72-hour testing, station was worked in routine mode, flawlessly. VCS has been commissioned. All the pre-start activities, including erection supervision, start-up and adjustment works as well as individual tests of equipment, have been performed by the ServicENERGAS Company.

Earlier, the technicians of the ENERGAS Group have commissioned similar vacuum compressor stations on three more facilities of Tomskneft: PWRU-9 of Sovietskoye field, PWRU-4 and PWRU-5 of Vakhskoye field.
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