BCS of fuel gas for the combined cycle gas turbine unit of Minsk CHPP-3 successfully underwent final tests before shipment

9 October 2019

Since 2009, a combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT-230) has been operating as part of Minsk CHPP-3 (branch of RUE Minskenergo). The power generating unit is supplied with fuel by a gas treatment system based on a booster compressor station (BCS) manufactured by VPT Kompressoren GmbH. This system will be upgraded (expanded) – at the gas facilities site, another BCS, supplied by ENERGAS, will be additionally installed. The purpose of upgrade is to increase the reliability of gas supply for CCGT.

Both BCS for fuel gas will operate alternately, evenly distributing the operational load. When one BCS is turned on, the second one switches to the hot-standby mode. Compressor equipment will be equipped with a two-tier automated control and regulation system (ACRS), which will combine local ACS of current and new BCS and integrate them into the automated processes control system of a combined-cycle power generating unit.

Currently, the additional compressor station successfully underwent final factory tests before shipment. Under the supervision of customer representatives, the operability of process, compressor, measuring, analytical, and electrical equipment has been checked. The local ACS, oil system, valves actuation, integrity of cable lines, and leak-tightness of all assemblies and joints of the BCS were tested.

Preparation is underway for station delivery to the Minsk CHPP-3 operation site. The process unit is supplied with a high degree of prefabrication and a maximum integration of the components on a single frame what subsequently significantly reduces the duration of the mounting works and pre-start activities.

REFERENCE. In the power grid of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk CHPP-3 has been operating since 1951. Currently, its installed capacity is 542 MW. MCHPP-3 is a part of single production and process complex for the generation, transmission and distribution of thermal and electric energy.

CCGT-230 with an electric capacity of 222 MW and a thermal capacity of 136 Gcal/h was created on the basis of the GT13E2 gas turbine (Alstom), the HRSG/DP01.1 waste heat boiler (SES ENERGY) and the T-53/67-8.0 (UTW) steam turbine. The power generating unit efficiency is 52.5%. The main and reserve fuel is natural gas.

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