BCS of ENERGAS provides fuel gas for gas turbine unit, which operates as a part of Tomsk CHPP-1

7 November 2016

Tomsk peak-load boiler station (PBS) was upgraded on investment program of the Tomsk branch of JSC TGC-11. Within frames of project at the PBS there was built new generating facility – GTU-16. Power unit operates on a cogeneration cycle; electrical capacity is 14.7 MW, thermal – 19.5 Gcal / h.

The main equipment is waste-heat boiler manufactured by the JSC ZiO (Podolsk) and gas turbine unit of type TBM-T130 produced by the Turbomach. This GTU is based on turbine of industrial type Titan 130 (Solar Turbines Inc.).

The solemn ceremony of GTU-16 commissioning took place on February 20, 2013. PBS upgrade has raised issuance thermal power what allowed to transfer boiler station from peak mode to the basic mode of operation. Introduced electric capacity of PBS has increased the capabilities of the Tomsk power grid.

Upon completion of the project, the PBS received the status of a thermal power plant and the name of CHPP-1 – in honor of the first power plant built beyond the Urals back in 1896. The main fuel for Tomsk CHPP-1 is natural gas.

The compression and feeding fuel gas to the turbine under required operating pressure of 2.8 MPa are performed by the booster compressor station (BCS), which was supplied by the company ENERGAS.

BCS is composed of two compressor units (CU) of screw type. Block-modular CUs are placed in weatherproof enclosures; they are equipped with life support systems and safety systems. Capacity (gas flow) of CU varies in the range of 200…2,400 m3 / h and is controlled by means of the special two-tier regulation system.

Since BCS commissioning, the trouble free operating time of units was counted more than 9,000 hours. Currently the equipment passed comprehensive maintenance. Scheduled tasks were carried out by specialists of the LLC ServicENERGAS (companies group ENERGAS).

Service activities were performed with sequential switching off of CU, which ensured non-stop operation of the whole compressor station and, accordingly, GTU. Maintenance results have been confirmed in the technical report.

REFERENCE. Construction of gas turbine unit was implemented by the JSC Rosengineering. Reconstruction of the PBS along with the launch of a new turbine unit at the Tomsk SDPS-2 allowed successfully compensate for the eliminated capacity of the Siberian nuclear power plant, the source of long-distance heat supply for Tomsk.

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