ENERGAS BCS for the bench of UEC-Gas Turbines: 5 years of quality gas treatment for testable units

25 July 2019

On July 25, 2014, UEC-Gas Turbines (UEC-GT) has successfully carried out integrated testing of Russia's first universal bench for control factory tests (CFT) of complete gas turbine units.

Simultaneously here there was took place start of booster compressor station. BCS of screw type compresses and feeds fuel gas to the units of all types under testing. Gas is compressed from the inlet pressure of 1.2 MPa to 3.5…5 MPa.

This gas treatment equipment was designed according to a special project – for operation in conditions of high intensity starts and shutdowns under various duration of the turbines tests.

Depending on the capacity of the conjugated unit, the capacity of the BCS varies from 8 to 16 thousand m3 / h. The gas flow rate is controlled by a two-level system: 1st level – bypass line; 2nd level – capacity control by spool valve. This allows you to quickly and correctly react to changing the operating mode of the testable unit or changing the parameters of the input gas pipeline; if necessary, to provide for BCS operation in the recirculation mode; to reduce operating costs.

Taking into account the stringent requirements for the purity of fuel gas, filtration system in BCS is enhanced. In addition to the gas-oil filter separator of the 1st stage of purification and the coalescing (safety) filter of the 2nd stage, at the gas inlet there is extra installed filter for fine purification which has an outdoor design.

The process flow diagram of the BCS also provides for a stable maintenance of a set gas feeding temperature.

Supply and commissioning of compressor station were carried by the companies, members of the ENERGAS Group. Note that for ENERGAS this is the one of four similar projects. By specially designed units there are also equipped gas turbine's test benches of PJSC Proton - Perm Motors, CJSC Nevsky Zavod and PJSC UEC - Ufa Motor-Building Production Association.

Availability of our own testing facilities is fully compliant with requirements of strategic customers of UEC-GT on testing equipment directly at the factory-manufacturer. Test bench for CFT was built as part of the State contract "Creating a framework of serial production of the typical series of power units with capacity up to 50 MW for electricity and heat supply facilities of small and medium-sized cities and urban areas".

Here there is held workmanship and operability control as separate parts and assemblies, and equipment in general. The unique complex allows to carry out full-size factory testing of power generating and gas pumping units with a wide range of capacity:

- Gas-reciprocating generator sets (with capacity of 0.5…4 MW);
- Gas turbine power plants GTPP-2.5 (2.5 MW);
- Gas turbine units GTU-6/8RM (6 and 8 MW);
- GTU-10GT (10 MW);
- GTU-14 based on turbine Titan-130 (10 MW);
- GTU-16 (16 MW);
- Gas pumping units GPU-4PM (4 MW);
- GPU-6.3/8RM (6.3 and 8 MW);
- GPU-16 (16 MW);
- GPU-25 (25 MW).

The first unit, which has passed the testing on the new test bench on July 25, 2014, became the GTU-10GT.

REFERENCE. UEC-GT is a company-integrator and integrated supplier of high-performance ground power generating and gas pumping equipment for the needs of Gazprom PJSC, oil and gas and power generating companies, public utilities of cities and towns.

The company manufactures equipment for nuclear and chemical industries, gas-reciprocating units, gas turbine units and gas pumping units, gas turbine power plants, combined cycle gas turbine units.

UEC-Gas Turbines carries out construction of power facilities "turnkey". The company is the general contractor of the United Engine Corporation for the construction of power generating facilities.

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