Belgorod GT CHPP Luch has passed the 15-year milestone of reliable and efficient operation

22 December 2020

On December 18, 2005, a gas-turbine central heating and power plant (GT CHPP Luch) was launched in Belgorod. The power plant consisting of two power generating unit operates in cogeneration cycle and provides combined energy generating. The electric capacity is 60 MW, thermal – 60 Gcal / h.

The building of a new generating facility was due to an increase in the rate of housing construction in Belgorod and, as a result, a shortage of energy capacities. The CHPP was built in the center of a residential area and meets strict environmental requirements and noise pressure standards.

The project was based on the most advanced equipment: each power unit includes a GE gas turbine unit of type LM2500+DLE HSPT (30 MW) with an emission reduction system, a water-heating waste-heat boiler with a closed and external circuits, process and auxiliary equipment.

The LM2500 range of turbines is the leader in the capacity segment of 20 … 35 MW. The most reliable in their class of gas turbine units, they are also among the most demanded – currently, there are over the 2,5 thousand LM2500 GTU operating in the world, which have worked more than 97 million hours with 99.5% reliability. These units are also characterized by their compactness, ease of maintenance, record-breaking fast launch (5 min), fuel effectiveness and high efficiency in a simple cycle (up to 39.5%).

GT CHPP Luch, constructed in less than 11 months, is the first experience of introducing gas turbine technologies for local power engineers. With the launch of the plant into commercial operation, generation of electricity by its own sources in Belgorod reached 60% (previously the regional center received 80% of the consumed electricity from outside). The facility is part of the Belgorod CHPP production unit of the branch of PJSC Quadra - Belgorod Generation.

Director of PU Belgorod CHPP Danil Dunin informs:

"The importance of central heating and power plant is difficult to overestimate. Firstly, our plant provides 50% of the demand for heat and hot water, as well as 30% for electricity in the largest urban district Kharkovskaya Gora. And secondly, it plays an essential role in ensuring the energy safety of the entire Belgorod region and the stability of its power grid.

Over the 15 years since the commissioning, the GT CHPP Luch has produced over 4 billion kWh of electrical and 4 million Gcal of thermal energy. Scheduled repairs, timely maintenance, upgrade of generating and process equipment guarantee high reliability and efficiency of the power plant".

The creation of the GT CHPP Luch is also notable for the fact that for the first time in Russia, booster compressor units (BCU) manufactured by the Swiss company Enerproject SA were used here. Two block-modular BCUs provide designed parameters of gas fuel in terms of pressure (3.6 MPa), temperature (up to +60°C) and flow rate (7,600 m3 / h) for supply into LM2500 turbines.

To date, the operating time of each DCU has exceeded 90 thousand hours.

The Belgorod project initiated full-scale introduction of Swiss compressor technologies in our country – at present, 234 Enerproject gas booster units are operating at various facilities from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. They were all devised according to individual projects and were manufactured taking into account the scope of application, operating conditions, the composition and quality of the source gas, the type and characteristics of the conjugated gas-consuming units, and the special project requirements.

This equipment is supplied (as well as commissioned and maintained) to Russia by the ENERGAS Group, the exclusive partner of Enerproject SA.

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