10 years of operation confirmed the efficiency of the first combined-cycle plant in the power grid of Bashkortostan

4 September 2021

On August 29, 2011, a new power generation unit was commissioned at the site of Ufa CHPP-2 (a branch of Bashkir Generation Company LLC) – the first combined-cycle plant in the power grid of Bashkortostan. This CCGT-60 replaced the medium-pressure unit that had worked out its resource, and the obsolete steam-power equipment was dismantled.

Investments in the reconstruction and enlargement of CHPP-2 came to more than 1.5 billion rubles. The implementation of the project significantly improved the technical, economic and environmental characteristics of the power plant:

- Electric and thermal capacity has increased;
- Efficiency factor has raised;
- Specific fuel consumption has decreased;
- Emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere have been reduced.

Overall, the upgrade of Ufa CHPP-2 with the construction of CCGT-60 increased the power plant's profitability, minimized the negative impact on the environment, increased the volume and reliability of energy production, optimized electricity and heat supply to the housing complex and industrial enterprises of the city.

Combined-cycle power unit is equipped with equipment with high technical indicators. The main electricity generation is carried out by a gas turbine unit (GTU) with a rated capacity of 47 MW, made on the basis of the SGT-800 turbine (Siemens) and the AMS 1250A LF generator (ABB).

The SGT-800 industrial turbine combines robust design, high efficiency and low emissions, as well as has high exhaust energy, that allows it to be effectively applied in the combined cycles.

The new turbine was synchronized with the network on July 4th, 2011, and this day, in the tradition of Siemens, became its birthday. Newborns are given a name, and the Ufa SGT-800 is no exception. The proper name of this turbine - Solbritt - appears in official reports from the moment of the presentation (at the start-up ceremony of the CCGT) of a memorial plaque and a certificate of the turbine's birth to the management of CHPP-2.

GTU is conjugated with an EMA-006-KU waste-heat boiler of two pressures manufactured by EMAlliance. The two-circuit WHB produces high-potential process steam using the heat of the turbine exhaust gases. Low-pressure steam is headed to the CHPP's own needs, while superheated high-pressure steam enters the Siemens SST-300 turbo unit.

The SST-300 back pressure steam turbine was put into operation in 2015 during the 2nd stage of the power plant reconstruction and replaced the obsolete Siemens P-12-29-1.2 unit. This equipment with a capacity of 13 MW provides secondary electricity generation.

Therefore, the technologies used in the combined-cycle plant ensure combined energy generation, high gas fuel efficiency and overall facility efficiency. Today, the capacity of the CCGT is 60 MW.

Power unit also comprises ENERGAS booster compressor station. BCS guarantees fuel gas treatment and supply to the SGT-800 turbine with the set parameters for pressure (3 MPa), temperature (+60°C) and flow rate (17,000 m3 / h).

BCS is placed in a separate weatherproof shelter with maximum integration of all the subassemblies and components on a single frame and is equipped with life support and safety systems. The compressor station is equipped with automated control and monitoring system with the function of transmitting data to APCS of upper level, as well as with two-level capacity control system.

The process unit is based on a screw oil-filled compressor using a multi-stage gas filtration system, thanks to which the fuel at the outlet meets the highest requirements on purity. The BCS is equipped with a system to maintain the project gas temperature; it occupies a minimal area due to compact block-modular design.


The Ufa CHPP-2 is the second largest by capacity power plant of Bashkir Generation Company (after Karmanovskaya SDPP) and at the same time it is the most powerful among the its CHPPs. Currently, installed electric capacity of CHPP-2 is 519 MW, thermal capacity is 1,528 Gcal / h. The power plant provides energy for about half of the housing stock of Ufa and the nearby industrial enterprises.

Bashkir Generation Company is one of the largest local energy companies of Russia, consolidating 20 power plants: one SDPP, eleven CHPPs and TPPs, two large HPPs as well as facilities of small generation. The electrical capacity of BGC facilities is 4,461 MW, which is about 80% of the electricity generated in Bashkortostan. Thermal capacity - 8,758 Gcal / h - meets the needs of residents and enterprises of six cities in the republic. Since 2012, BGC LLC has been part of the diversified holding Inter RAO.

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