ENERGAS: a long-term comprehensive service program in action

The efficiency and reliability of process equipment for gas treatment and gas supply directly depends on the most important factor – high-quality technical service during the warranty and post-warranty operational period. In the ENERGAS Group, these tasks are solved by the service and technical division created back in 2008. Journalist Stanislav Baryshev spoke with Alexander Kramskoy, Chief Executive Officer of ServicENERGAS.

– Alexander Alexandrovich, the specialization of the company ServicENERGAS obliges you to get to the root of all the necessary tasks facing servicing process equipment, especially in the gas treatment and gas supply segment, where increased safety requirements are imposed. What priorities do you see here?

I will immediately emphasize the importance of the process equipment in the production structure of gas energy and the oil and gas industry. If several years ago, as applied to generating facilities, the division went into "primary" and "auxiliary" equipment, today specialists are more accurate in professional terminology and speak of "generating" and "process" equipment. Moreover, it is not just a pun.

The point is that, in my opinion, it is wrongful and even fundamentally erroneous to call "auxiliary", for example, gas treatment process equipment – the operability of any power plant equipped with modern gas turbine, gas reciprocating or combined cycle gas turbine units directly depends on the efficiency, reliability and maintainability of this process equipment.

Indeed, without a high quality and continuous integrated gas treatment, the source gas entering these plants simply will not receive the necessary operating parameters for purity, humidity, temperature, pressure and flow. That is, systematic, efficient and reliable operation of gas turbines will not be provided in accordance with their design capabilities.

It seems to be an axiom understandable for professionals, but, alas, not all specialists yet give due importance to the quality of the gas treatment process and gas supply itself, and, accordingly, the technical service of equipment that provides the result. For objectivity's sake, nonetheless, I note that we at ServicENERGAS annually state the growth of examples of professional understanding and responsibility for maintaining the efficiency of process equipment.

Most operating companies are aware of the flawed approach "when it breaks, then we will fix it" and consistently implement the programs of the planned service. After all, in the end, regulated maintenance of gas treatment units provides significant benefits. The main thing is that the assigned resource of the units themselves is ensured and the uninterrupted operation of the coupled equipment throughout the entire facility is guaranteed. Whether in the electric power industry, oil and gas industry or in another gas-using industry.

– I would like to know more about such a positive experience.

The competence of ServicENERGAS is the solution of the whole complex of service tasks on the process equipment supplied by ENERGAS and other manufacturers – during the erection, pre-launch preparation and commissioning, during operation.

I will cite the following data: as of September 2018, the total operating time of all existing ENERGAS units was more than 10 million hours. Every year dozens of new gas treatment units are commissioned. Naturally, for their normal operation and full development of the resource, timely maintenance is required, and, if necessary, upgrade, current or capital repairs.

Now about our opportunities. Mobile brigades of ServicENERGAS are based in Moscow, Belgorod and Surgut. Service specialists have high technical qualifications and unique experience in performing work at highly dangerous and technically complex facilities. Only this year, our engineers made over 130 visits to work at various sites, including remote and hard-to-reach.

In the first place, I will put equipment upgrade projects.

For example, the upgrade of the fuel gas treatment facility (FGTF) for the GTPP of the Verkh-Tarskoye field of JSC Novosibirskneftegaz. Gas turbine power plant of two Centrax gas turbine units of type СX501-КВ7 with a capacity of 5.2 MW is included in the overall power supply system of the oil field, provides electricity to the production facilities of the field, the central oil production facility and the field camp.

Fuel for the GTPP is associated petroleum gas produced here. Purification, compression and feeding of fuel to the GTU are carried out by the treatment facility for fuel gas comprising two complexes – FGTF-1 and FGTF-2. At the heart of each FGTF is a screw-type compressor unit (CU) in packaged design.

ServicENERGAS upgraded and put into operation FGTF-2, which was previously in standby. The company's engineers conducted commissioning, individual and integrated tests of CU No. 2, equipped it with an automated control system. 

On both FGTF complexes, new fire detection, alarm, fire suppression and safe operating equipment systems have been installed. There is completed gas detection system.

For the purpose of remote control and operational control, we equipped the FGTF with an upper level automated control system. Tele-information is transmitted from the controller via the "Profibus" protocol to the GTPP operation center. The FGTF parameters are displayed on the monitor of the WKS (workstation) of the operator. At WKS, there is installed licensed software that meets Russian and European standards.

I also must say about the upgrade of compressor units at the Alekhinskoye field of PJSC Surgutneftegas. Since 2008, the compressor station of low separation stages (CSLSS) has been operating at the site of the Central Production Facilities (CPF) of the oil and gas production department "Nizhnesortymskneft". The basis of the CSLSS is four CUs supplied and commissioned by ENERGAS. CUs operate with associated gas of low pressure (close to vacuum); carry out its purification, compression and injection into the transport gas pipeline. 

Until recently, the only source of APG for CSLSS was the Oil Processing and Pumping Shop. For the gathering and transportation of gas from other facilities, upgrade of compressor units has been carried out at the station. Within the framework of the project, the system of inlet gas pipelines was reconstructed with the installation of additional switching valves and pressure sensors, as well as localized automated control systems of CU and upper level ACS were modified.

After upgrading, the capacity of the CU is regulated through the suction line, and gas is supplied from a pipeline with a higher pressure. The choice of the source of gas is carried out by the operator of CU in the operator room of compressor station on the workstation monitor.

In general, for this project we have completed a set of activities: development, supply and implementation of new software; supervision of reconstruction and erection; commissioning works; operational tests.

– But ServicENERGAS lives not only by upgrade projects?

One more direction of our activity is current (local) or capital repairs. Moreover, it does not matter whose equipment – the supply of our parent company ENERGAS or other manufacturers.

Thus, in July of this year, we carried out a major overhaul of GEA Grasso oil-filled screw compressors at compressor station No. 4 "Western Tebuk" of the Ukhta GPP (LUKOIL-Komi). 


This compressor station is designed to compress the associated gas coming from the Pashninskoye, Savinoborskoye and N. Odesovskoye fields, and transport to the city of Sosnogorsk, where APG is used as fuel for the turbines of the Sosnogorsk CHPP.

The work cycle included the dismantling of compressors, delivery to the repair site and back, the actual repair of the units, reassembly, commissioning, own and integrated tests of compressor units as part of the facility.

Often the repair is preceded by audit work. 

For example, experts of ServicENERGAS checked gas compressor units for various purposes, operating as part of the facilities of the Kogalymneftegaz TPE at the Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye and Druzhnoye fields (LUKOIL-West Siberia). Defect statements and reasonable recommendations to the customer for repairs were prepared. As a result, in November we carried out major repairs at Tevlin.

Technical audits are conducted not only on existing equipment. This year, the audit of the vacuum compressor station was carried out, which was in long-term storage at one of the facilities of JSC Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz. After relocation, local repair and pre-launch preparation, the station was commissioned at the PWRU BPS-2 of Vyngapur field, where it forms the basis of the associated gas recovery system. All the work was done by engineers of our Surgut branch.

From an engineering point of view, complex projects are interesting. In September, we completed work on the starting compressor unit for the gas turbine power plant of the East-Perevalnoye field. We consistently carried out its repair, upgrade of the oil system, the replacement of the main element – screw oil-filled compressor. The new aggregate is additionally equipped with a system for monitoring the temperature of the sliding bearings and a system for monitoring the axial shear of the compressor screws. There is installed new software, connected and configured ACS, carried out start-up and adjustment works of CU. 

The equipment was commissioned after its own tests and a 72-hour integrated testing as part of the GTPP. The project implementation allows the customer to decommission a fleet of electric trains that are part of a local gas-reciprocating power plant.

I will note that the practice of attracting our service engineers and experts by exploiting enterprises is actively growing.

As a result, ServicENERGAS performs the whole range of technical activities. Among them: erection supervision and engineering supervision; preparation of equipment for launch; integrated maintenance during the warranty period; service support in the post warranty period; upgrade; local repair; overhaul with the dismantling of equipment; technical advice and training of customer’s operational personnel; reconstruction of equipment taking into account new operating conditions; supply and replacement of spare parts, components and consumables.

On the last item, I want to note that we are talking only about original spare parts and consumables. For the equipment supplied by the ENERGAS Group is designed so precisely that the use of analogs with unknown characteristics often leads to equipment breakdowns. 

– It sounds like a standard classic set of services. Does your team have any brand differences and peculiarities?

The basis of the work of ServicENERGAS is the principle of professional specialization. Therefore, in our company in the status of the engineering department, four departments work in concert: construction and erection supervision; launch; service and repair. The entire service process is based on organizational and engineering experience that we have accumulated in carrying out 144 energy and oil and gas projects in 35 regions of Russia and the CIS countries.

Since 2007, the ENERGAS Group has commissioned or is preparing to launch 279 units. Project geography is from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad. Our equipment operates in the Far East, and in Yakutia, Siberia, in the Far North, in the southern and central regions of the country, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as outside the country – in the Republics of Belarus and Uzbekistan.

That is why the remote monitoring system occupies a special place in the service activities of ENERGAS Group. RMS is designed to provide continuous monitoring of the state of equipment and technological processes through the work of specially trained staff and experts of ServicENERGAS.

– And what are the capabilities of the remote monitoring system?

First, the RMS allows you to respond more quickly, without waiting for information from the customer about the incorrect operation of individual assemblies and elements or the entire unit as a whole. In addition, it allows preventing emergencies and unplanned shutdowns in time. To do this, we give technical advice on adjusting equipment and setting operating parameters. Preparing informed recommendations for the replacement of parts and consumables.

Our specialists are constantly open for necessary consultations in both planned and operational or abnormal situations – seven days a week, around the clock. 

As a result, the necessary organizational and engineering decisions are made promptly and efficiently. In addition, most importantly, these solutions are developed based on relevant reliable data coming directly from the facility. These data are interpreted online, analyzed, and only then, the follow-up scheme is modeled.

– Very much the perfect picture emerges of your story!

Of course, our remote monitoring system is in its infancy, and its irreproachable work requires many efforts. For example, in our ideas there is the idea of creating a permanent Situation Center of remote monitoring and analysis in the ENERGAS Group. If you want, taking into account our specialization and the unique features of gas treatment and gas supply equipment, this will be ENERGAS’ "know-how".

RMS is already equipped with individually developed software, and information is transmitted from the operational site using modern communication channels and protocols. We see here the prospects for the development of the entire service direction.

– Alexander Alexandrovich, you have brought our conversation to the topic of the future. What tasks with the mark "for the future" can be solved directly at the sites?

As is known, the criterion of truth is practice. In addition, our experience shows that the long-term maintenance of the working condition of the equipment and the prevention of malfunctions are much cheaper than major repairs in case of an unexpected breakdown. I return us to the fact that more and more operators are aware of the inferiority of the "economy" in the service. 

Therefore, ENERGAS Group on a mutually beneficial basis has put the development of the Long-Term Services Program. In the framework of this Program, we, together with the operating companies, develop long-term plans and sign long-term contracts (up to 36 months) for carrying out comprehensive services. 

The list of planned actions is coordinated with the customer and the schedule of work is determined. A "road service card" is born, where each stage becomes less costly for partners than similar work performed one-time or, moreover, in an emergency mode. 

Thus, within the framework of agreements with LLC LUKOIL-Komi, signed for three years, our service engineers perform comprehensive maintenance of gas treatment and gas supply systems for the "Usa" power supply complex (GTU-CHPP at the Usinsk oil field) and "Yarega" power supply complex ( GTU-CHPP at Yarega oil-and-titanium field). These multifunctional systems provide the necessary parameters of fuel gas for purity, humidity, temperature, pressure and flow. They consist of as many as nine units: two packaged gas treatment units and seven gas compressor stations in the Arctic version. Routine work is carried out according to the schedule agreed with the customer – every 4,000 hours of operating time. In addition, ServicENERGAS supplies a complete set of consumables. 

Another illustrative example of the implementation of the Long-Term Service Program is the maintenance of fuel supply equipment for the 4-th and 5-th power units of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk CHPP-1, the largest energy source in the Sakhalin Region. For the past six years, we have been performing service activities here at the gas treatment unit and at five two-stage compressor units. Works are carried out with the sequential shutdown of the units, which ensures non-stop operation of the power plant. 

– Thank you, Aleksander Aleksandrovich, for the informative and interesting conversation.

Taking this opportunity, I express my gratitude to our colleagues and partners – specialists of all companies that successfully operate modern process equipment for gas treatment and gas supply. Dear friends, ServicENERGAS is always ready to come to your rescue.

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