ServicENERGAS has installed a gas treatment station at the power supply complex of the HAYAT plant under construction in the Kaluga Region

15 December 2021

HAYAT Russia, a subdivision of Hayat Kimya Sanayi A.S., Turkey, is increasing its production capacities – a large plant for the production of sanitary and hygienic paper products is being built at the Borovsk site of the Kaluga special economic zone.

Here, an autonomous (decentralized) power supply complex is also being created to supply production with its own energy resources. Electricity will be generated by a Mars 100 gas turbine unit (Solar Turbines) with a nominal capacity of 11.35 MW. The process steam production will be provided by the waste heat boiler. In addition to the cogeneration power unit, the structure of the power supply complex includes an auxiliary boiler house, which will also run on natural gas.

The supply of the turbine and boiler house with fuel with the pre-set design parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate will be guaranteed by the ENERGAS multifunctional system – a block-type gas treatment station (BGTS) and a booster compressor station (BCS).

At present, the BGTS has been mounted at the operation site. The installation, alignment and fixing of the equipment on the foundation, assembling of large units inside the compartments, piping arrangement and electrical power connection have been completed. Gas feeding and start-up and adjustment works are planned.

The BGTS with a throughput of 9,317 m3 / h is intended for metering, filtration and pressure reduction of gas. Station is equipped with coalescing filters, the purification efficiency is 99.9% for solid particles larger than 3 microns and 100% for droplet moisture.

The purified gas is divided into two flows. The first one is directly headed to the BCS and then to the GTU turbine, the second one passes through a reduction system, which reduces the gas pressure and stabilizes it at the level required for feeding to the boilers (0.3 MPa).

At BGTS there is measured total volume of gas supplied to the power supply complex (commercial metering) and separately measured volume of fuel for the boiler house (process metering). Data are transmitted via communication channels to the upper level of the APCS. Metering units with a relative error of no more than 1.5% made based on flow meters of ultrasonic type.

The gas treatment station is additionally equipped with fuel quality control assemblies located on the outlet pipelines and equipped with various measuring and analytical equipment. The BGTS is placed in a separate all-weather block-box with the integration of elements on a single frame, equipped with systems of working and emergency lighting, heating and ventilation, safety systems.

Completion of production and supply of the fuel gas BCS are scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Commissioning of the gas treatment and fuel supply system (erection supervision, starting-up and adjustment, own and integrated tests) as well as training of operational personnel are carried out by the specialists of ServicENERGAS (ENERGAS Group).


Among the priority areas of activity of the ENERGAS Group are production, comprehensive commissioning and maintenance of gas treatment and compression units for generating facilities in the electric power industry, oil and gas complex and industrial enterprises. Today, the ENERGAS process equipment provides high-quality fuel for more than 200 gas turbines and gas-reciprocating units with a total capacity of over 6.6 GW.

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