A little goes a long way. New version of ENERGAS gas compressor units

28 September 2018

Under this title in the industrial journals there is published an article about the process capabilities of the new series of small gas compressor units which are designed for use in the oil and gas industry and electric power industry.

For 10 years of work in the segment of process gas treatment equipment, ENERGAS has declared and established itself as a highly professional engineering corporation. Now it is a group of companies that, under a single brand, consistently carry out design, production, supply, commissioning and servicing of modular gas treatment and compression units for the oil and gas complex, electric power industry, machine building, chemical, construction and other industries.

It should be noted that the range of equipment produced and supplied by us is constantly expanding. For example, for today in the ENERGAS Group a transition has been made from the production of prototypes to the serial production of small gas compressor units - SGCU. This new current offer is already in demand.

Purpose of ENERGAS SGCU:
  • Gathering and transportation of associated petroleum gas in fields with small hydrocarbon reserves;
  • Treatment of fuel for small-capacity turbines at small power facilities;
  • Supply of fuel to the generating equipment of autonomous power supply centers for industrial enterprises;
  • Provision for process needs of oil and gas chemical and other industries.
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