ENERGAS Companies Group launches small gas compressor units

11 July 2018

ENERGAS Companies Group launches especially demanded for today modification of gas booster equipment - small gas compressor units (SGCU).

The SGCU is produced at the GC ENERGAS assembling plant in Belgorod. The units are designed on special (individual) projects and have a set of advantages in their operating segment:

  • Transportation by standard trucks;
  • Low pre-start costs;
  • Minimum commissioning period;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs;
  • Affordable price. 

The implemented engineering solution makes it possible not only to operate the units in a stationary mode, but also to consistently use one SGCU at different sites. We add that when you move the unit to another facility, you do not need to re-commissioning.

Our "small" compressors can operate at facilities without complex infrastructure. There is provided the way for connecting supply lines with flexible pipelines, which makes it possible to integrate SGCU without retrofitting the existing gas pipeline system. In this case, the compressor units are designed for long-term intensive operation and fully automated.

More detailed information is presented in the article "ENERGAS: small compressors are ready for grand actions", published in specialized Online media:

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