ENERGAS Group: by means of professional specialization to quality and reliability

16 April 2017

In magazines "Oil and Gas Territory", "Neftegaz.RU" and "Exposition Oil & Gas" there is published an article about the activities of the ENERGAS Group on deepening its specialization.

"Think globally – act locally". In this aphorism, as experts say, the essence of the notion of "professional specialization".

In the engineering profession, in order to reach the necessary top, it is required to master a wide encyclopedic knowledge for the beginning. Only on the powerful foundation of modern technical theory, on the invaluable experience of older generations of pioneer engineers, it is possible to achieve such a level of unique specialization, about which they say: "there is no equal".

In other words, only true masters-experts not only see the scale of the problem and its features, but necessarily find the optimal engineering solutions that guarantee the efficiency and operational reliability of the supplied equipment. Based on this proven principle, the teams of the Group of Companies ENERGAS act.

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