Factory tests of the booster compressor station for the South-Vatlor field have been completed

13 May 2018

Two booster compressor units (BCU) are designed for pumping associated petroleum gas of the first separation stage coming from the booster pump stations of the following fields of OJSC Surgutneftegas: South-Vatlor, Vatlor, Suryogan, Verkhnekazymskoye, field named after I.N. Logachev.

BCUs, created on the basis of screw oil-filled compressors, will continuously implement a final purification, compression and feeding of APG to the external gas pipeline at pressure of 2.2 MPa. The capacity of each BCU is 10,000 m3 / h.

Currently there are completed factory tests of units. Under the control of the representatives of customer there was checked the operation of process, compressor, and electrical equipment. The automated control system, oil system, valves actuation, integrity of cable lines, tightness and leak-tightness of each BCU were also tested.

BCUs are being prepared for transportation to the site of operation. Gas-booster units are supplied as maximum factory-readiness with integration of the equipment on a single frame what further significantly reduces the time of construction and installation works as well as and pre-start operations.

Units will be included in the compressor station of low separation stages (CSLS) of South-Vatlor field. All works on the commissioning of this process equipment, including erection supervision, adjustment, individual testing and integrated tests will be performed by specialists of the companies group ENERGAS.

Packaged units in arctic version are designed taking into account the extreme operating conditions (minimum air temperature is minus 55°C, average air temperature of the coldest five-day period is minus 43°C).

BCUs are completely automated; they are equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation and lighting) and safety systems (fire detection and fire fighting, gas detection, alarm).

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