A block-modular boiler room is integrated into the Aleksandrovka automated gas distribution station

6 December 2018

At one of the facilities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, an automated gas distribution station is being prepared for launch. AGDS Aleksandrovka will carry out gas offtake from the main pipeline and provide filtration, commercial metering, quality control, pressure reduction, heating and odorizing of gas before its transportation to a remote thermal power plant.

AGDS equipment: gas purification system with coalescing filters, subassembly of gas condensate gathering and storage with two drainage tanks, two measuring lines with ultrasonic flow meters, gas heating module consisting of two shell-and-tube heat exchangers, pressure reducing unit, odorizing subassembly with a tank for odorant storage, gas quality control module based on calorimeter and moisture analyzer, automated control system, life support and safety systems, standby generator unit.

Process scheme of AGDS includes a block-modular boiler room (BMBR) with a total useful thermal capacity of 1.0 MW. Integrated BMBR prepares intermediate heat carrier for gas heating unit and consists of 2 water-heating boilers – main and standby.

In addition to the main process function, BMBR simultaneously provides the auxiliary needs of the AGDS – the generated heat is used to heating its premises.

The boiler room is placed in a separate enclosure, docked with the main building of the gas distribution station. BMBR is equipped with its own gas supply (fuel treatment) module that comprises equipment for filtering, pressure reducing and metering of gas, is equipped with engineering systems, as well as a tank to draining the heat carrier.

The operation of the boiler room is fully automated, boilers automation and general local control system of BMBR are integrated with the ACS of AGDS.

Currently, the individual testing of boiler room with operability check of all the elements has been completed. BMBR is ready for operation as part of a gas distribution station.

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